Why is My Pool Cloudy & How to Fix It?

The swimming pool is a great source of enjoying summer vacations. People have great enjoyment with their family members in the swimming pool. But the water of the pool should be clean and clear. If the water of the pool is dirty or cloudy then it can ruin all your enjoyment.

Due to such issues, people most often inquire why is my pool cloudy.

In this article, you will read about the causes of cloudy pool water followed by the solution to fix cloudy pool water. You can do the task by yourself or can hire a professional. So let’s get started.

What Does Cloudy Pool Water Mean?

Cloudy pool water is a problem that commonly happens once in a season of swimming. Almost every pool owner suffers from this issue once a year.

There can be many reasons for the cloudy pool water and it is safe to even swim in the cloudy water. But if the reason is an imbalance of chemicals then it will be harmful to the swimmer’s body. It can cause rashes and irritation on the skin.

Cloudy pool water can be removed by some easy hacks but it might lead to some errors. In the next sections, you will learn to fix cloudy pool water using different products.

Why is My Pool Cloudy After Vacuuming?

The pool water gets debris, dust, and algae with time which makes it cloudy, and then it needs proper cleaning.

Sometimes when you try to clean debris from the pool water, the water gets cloudy. The reason behind this is might be the oversaturation of calcium carbonate in pool water. And when you vacuum your pool the dust can also cause cloudiness in the water.

If the weather is not preferable then vacuuming your pool might lead to cloudiness in the pool water.

Why is My Pool Still Cloudy After Shocking it?

In most situations, the pool water remains cloudy even if the chemicals are balanced.

You need to clear the cloudy water quickly and you can do it by shocking your swimming pool. But if it does not work and you have pool water still cloudy then you might be using algaecide and shock at the same time.

The algaecides are used to kill algae that make the shocking process useless when doing at the same time. If there are too many plants and algae then it can cause cloudy water.

You need to be very careful when treating cloudy pool water and should not use algaecide while shocking your pool water.

How to Fix a Cloudy Pool?

When the chemicals of the pool are imbalanced or there are algae in the pool then it can cause cloudiness in the water. You need to fix the cloudy water to make it safe for you and your family.

You can fix the cloudy pool water by doing one of the following according to the cause of cloudiness.

  1. If the free chlorine level is not stable in the pool then you should fix the chlorine level. It can be due to heavy rainfall. You need to use a chlorine stabilizer to fix the chlorine level.
  2. If there are algae in your pool then it can be a cause of cloudiness so you need to use an algaecide to kill algae.
  3. The issue can be in the backwash or filter of the pool then you should clean the filter or replace it.
  4. Be sure the pH and TA of the pool are at a balanced level. If these are high then you can use muriatic acid to decrease it and baking soda to take it high if it is lower than the required level.
  5. You need to vacuum your pool at the right time and remove all the foreign particles.

How to Clear a Cloudy Pool with Baking Soda?

Baking soda contains sodium carbonate it which is a form of alkalinity. It contains 8 pH. And you know that the higher pH is one of the causes of cloudy water.

When you will add baking soda to pool water then it will increase the alkalinity and pH. So it is not a reliable solution to use baking soda to treat cloudy pool water. It will increase the problem.

However, if your pool’s pH level is low and you want to take it at a balance then you can use baking soda…

How to Clear a Cloudy Pool with Muriatic Acid?

As told you that one of the foremost reasons for a cloudy pool of water is a higher pH level. So you need to first take it down.

Muriatic acid is best to resolve this problem. It is a version of hydrochloric acid. It will help you to lower the pH level of the pool. You need to be very careful while using this acid and have to wear all protective gear to void any issues.

If you will follow the below steps then you can easily pour muriatic acid into your pool.

  1. In the very first step, you need to check the chemistry of the pool water. You can use a process sensor to regularly do the task for you. If the pH level increases from 7.8 then it is an indication that the pool needs acid.
  2. To stay safe you need to wear glasses and gloves before adding acid.
  3. Now dilute the acid to make the right chemistry of the pool acid with pool water. Mix acid with water.
  4. Turn on the pool pump before adding the acid because the pool should be running.
  5. Gradually add the acidic solution to the pool. Do it slowly to avoid any splashes in the water. And then at the end check the pH level again. When it will get low then the cloudiness will also decrease.

Can too Much Chlorine Cause Cloudy Water?

Yes! If the chlorine level of the pool is high then you will get cloudy pool water. You first need to take the chlorine level down to get rid of cloudy pool water.

Sunshine is the best solution for decreasing chlorine levels. A neutralizer can also be used in this context. 

The imbalance of chemicals always leads to turn the pool water cloudy. To get rid of this issue you need to first take the free chlorine level at a balance.

Will High pH Make My Pool Cloudy?

Yes! If the pH level of pool water goes high then it can cause cloudy pool water overnight. So you have to first lower the pH level of the pool then take action to fix the cloudiness issue. Otherwise, you might need to drain your pool to make it cloud-free.


When you notice your pool water is cloudy then you need to fix it that is a quite difficult task. You might have left your pool clear last night and it gets cloudy overnight.

There can be many reasons for cloudy pool water. Now you have got an answer to your question about why is my pool cloudy.

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