How to Fix Water Leaking from Ceiling Vent & Under Bathroom?

It is an alarming fact when someone notices water leakage from the ceiling. No one wants to have leakage in the ceiling of the home. Water leaking from ceiling can cause severe damage to the home.

You have to try that this will not happen ever as it can be dangerous, but if it happens, then you have to be more active to resolve such issues to avoid any loss or damage.

This article will read about different methods of fixing water leaking in the ceiling vent and under the bathroom. If you have found leakage in your home and are now searching for the best solution, you have come to the right place, as here you will get all the required guidelines. So let’s get started.

What to Do When Water Leaks from Ceiling?

When you see water leaking from the ceiling, you should fix it quickly as leaving it even for a small amount of time will cause a significant loss for you.

Different methods to fix the water leaking from the ceiling are discussed in the later sections. You can apply these methods by yourself or can also hire some professionals for this purpose.

How to Fix Water Leaking from Ceiling?

When you notice cracks or damage in the ceiling due to leakage, you need to do the following.

  1. Identify the area of the ceiling where it is leaking water.
  2. First of all, you are required to stabilize the area around the ceiling. Remove all the objects from the room and take a bucket to store the water built up behind the ceiling.
  3. It’s time to find out the root cause of the leakage. It can be a challenging task to know the source, but you have to avoid further damage. You should cut a hole in the ceiling to see how the water is coming to the ceiling. You can also lay down toilet papers on the area as the papers will absorb the moisture, and you will see the source.
  4. When you have found the leak, it’s time to dry the moisture. You can run a fan for this purpose. 
  5. When you have fixed the root of leakage and dried the place, then at the end, you need to repair the ceiling. If there is a big hole in the ceiling, you should easily replace the patch and paint the patch behind the ceiling.

Water Leaking from Ceiling Vent

Water can leak from ceiling vents for the following reasons.

  • Condensate Drain system
  • Frozen coils
  • Condensate air ducts
  • Leaky pipes

These problems can cause severe issues if not addressed early. It can cause structural damage to the house. You are required to contact a professional to get rid of this issue.

Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom

When you see water stains on the ceiling under the bathroom, a clear identification of a water leak in the bathroom pipes is clear. You should call a professional plumber to deal with this issue. There can be numerous reasons for this problem.

  • The shower in your bathroom may be leaking. You should check it first and make sure it is not leaking. But if it is leaking, you have to check its seals and make them tight so that the water stops leaking.
  • Bathtubs can also be the culprit of the water stains on the ceiling. You should check the gaps between the seals of the pipes and make them tight to fix the issue.
  • The bathroom floor might be cracked that gives space to water, and it starts leaking from the ceiling. It would help if you repaired the bathroom floor in this case.
  • The drains attached to the bathtub may found leaked. It is the most challenging cause to detect. It can be due to the plastic or fiberglass bathtub. You should fill the bathtub and wait for some time to notice if the drains are leaking.
  • Damaged silicone of tiles of the bathroom can also cause leakage in the ceiling under the bathroom.
  • There might be a leak in the toilet waste pipes. And whenever you flush your toilet, there is a leakage in the ceiling.
  • Taps of the bathroom can leak and start leaking through the ceiling when water could not find another way to get out.
  • The sink of the bathroom can also be the reason for the ceiling leak under it. The drains of the sinks added fuel.

Water Leaking from Ceiling When It Rains

The roof is the essential object for every homeowner. When it starts leaking, then it can cause headaches to them. If you notice leakage in-ceiling whenever it rains, then you have to do the following.

  1. During rains, you can only catch the water. If the water is in high amount, then you can take buckets and put them under the ceiling where it is leaking.
  2. After the rain ends, check for the cause of the leakage. You need to check the attic of your home.
  3. If the leakage is small, then you can fix it by yourself. If the ceiling leak only when it is raining, then there is an issue with your roof.
  4. You might need to hire a plumber to resolve the problem if the water is dripping in the attic.

Water Leaking from Ceiling Light Fixture

Water can leak from the light fixtures in the ceiling.  It can be very hazardous as these are the electrical fixtures. So if you notice the leak in the light fixtures of the ceiling, then you should turn off the supply of electricity and dry the fixtures from any moisture.

Water Leaking Through Ceiling after Shower

Whenever you take a shower and find a leak in the ceiling after it, there is a leak in the shower pipes of the bathroom that cause leakage. You should check the seals of the taps or bathtub of the bathroom and then fix them up to get rid of such issues.

Washing Machine Leak through Ceiling

If you are using a washing machine upstairs and found some issue like leakage, the water can get down through the stairs, floor or can also cause leakage through the ceiling.

You need first to repair the washing machine as it is the root of the water leaking from ceiling and then dry the ceiling area where it is leaking.

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