Toilet Handle Loose & Won’t Flush: How to Fix?

toilet handle loose

It is annoying to have a loose toilet handle, but it worsens if it does not flush. If there is only a problem of toilet handle loose, it is not a big issue and can be quickly fixed.

If the flush is not working due to a loose handle, it surely proves to be an annoying condition.

Toilet flush handle is crucial for the toilet to keep running accurately. You can quickly diagnose if the problem is with the toilet handle.

Keep reading this article to know all about the problem and learn how to fix it.

Why is My Toilet Handle Loose?

A loose flush handle shakes without any tension that causes issues in flushing properly.

There can be many reasons behind a loose toilet handle as follows.

  • When the nut of the toilet handle is loose, it is a direct reason for the loose toilet handle.
  • If the handle is too old, then it can face loss issues
  • A loose arm or chain of the handle will cause a loose toilet handle
  • There are many other parts of the toilet handle, so that any parts might be an issue.

How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle?

Whatever the reason that caused the toilet handle to lose, some action must be taken to fix it as soon as possible.

Follow the below steps to solve the underlying issue.

  1. First of all, close the toilet seat to keep the parts falling into it.
  2. Take out the tank cover with both hands and set it in a safe place.
  3. Turn off the water supply of the toilet and press the lever of the tank to empty the tank with the remaining water.
  4. Locate the nut of the toilet handle that is inside the porcelain wall. It can be one of the possible reasons for loose toilet handle.
  5. Take a wrench and tighten the handle nut. Be sure to not over-tight it because it can lead to cracks in the toilet tank. Check if the problem is solved, then turn on the water supply. But if the issue is still the same, then one should replace the toilet handle.

Toilet Handle Loose Water Running

If continuous water running is noticed, there might be a need to jiggle the toilet handle to stop it.

The reason behind running water can be the fault adjustment of the flapper valve and flush handle.

In this way, the water will keep running and filling the toilet tank.

It would help if the loose toilet handle and flapper valve are fixed to stop water from running.

Toilet Handle Keeps Falling Off

Sometimes the toilet handles keep falling even you try to place them correctly again and again. It might be due to a cracked nut of the toilet valve.

Try to fix it by attempting the method mentioned in the article.

But if it is still not resolved, you should replace the toilet valve nut or the entire handle to remove the problem altogether.

How to Fix a Toilet Handle That Has No Chain?

There are different types of toilet flush; some contain a toilet handle with a chain, some have a push button to press that are pressure-assist toilets.

Some toilets have lever arms rather than handle chains that are known as Mansfield toilets.

If there is a toilet in the home that does not contain a toilet handle chain, but a flapper is present in it, then one might look for the method to fix the loose toilet handle.

The toilet handle will have a lever arm that is like a rod connected with the flapper.

It might seem difficult to fix the issue. A toilet handle without a chain can be fixed by following the method.

Fixing Mansfield Toilet Lever

If there is a Mansfield toilet in the house, its toilet handle can be fixed by following the below steps.

  1. Open the tank lid by unscrewing the nut on the tank. It can be done with hand or by using the wrench.
  2. Unhook the rod of the flapper and take out the entire handle assembly via a hole in the tank.
  3. Examine the arm assembly of the handle; if it is loose, then tighten it. But if there is a cracked arm lever; then you might need to install a new arm assembly.
  4. Insert new assembly and hook the lever end under flapper rod and tight it using wrench or hand.
  5. For the cracked toilet handle, you can follow the same procedure.

Fixing Pressure Assisted Toilet Handle That Won’t Flush

If there exists a pressure-assisted flush and it is not flushing well, it might be due to poor water supply.

It can be fixed as follows.

  1. Turn off the water supply and check the pressure; it should equal filling a water gallon in one minute.
  2. Check the screen of the inlet hose if it contains any dust and debris that is causing hurdle in water flow.
  3. Unscrew the cap and clean it for all the debris.
  4. Check if the cap is damaged, then you should replace it.

How to Change a Toilet Handle?

The toilet handle can be entirely changed and replaced with a new one in the following ways.

  1. First, you need to check what kind of handle is required for the toilet. Check existing brands and buy from a trusted hardware store.
  2. Close the water seat of the toilet and turn off the water supply. Empty the tank from the remaining water.
  3. Unscrew the chain clips and remove mounting nuts and pull out the damaged or old handle.
  4. Remove the mounting nut of the new handle and then insert it into the tank in the proper position and then mount the nut to secure it.
  5. Attach the chain to the lever through any of the holes. Make sure it is of the right length.
  6. Turn on the water supply and test it.

How to Fix Broken Toilet Handle?

If a toilet handles broke, then you have to replace it. Otherwise, the problem will continue, and you might need to call the plumber again and again.

It will be the best option to change it with a new one.


If the issue of the toilet not being flushed or leakage in the toilet is faced, it means that the toilet handle is not working properly; maybe it is broken or is loose.

One needs to tackle the issue of toilet handle loose. For which, the above-mentioned methods can be adopted.

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