Pool Maintenance for Beginners (DIY Cleaning Hacks)

Pool Maintenance for Beginners

Swimming pools need to be checked regularly for any issues, especially the leakage. For this purpose, you have to develop a complete understanding of the maintenance of pools. You must know different methods to keep your pool clean so that you can prevent any disorder in the pool.

Knowing about pool maintenance for beginners is essential. In this regard, this article will prove very useful for you. It will address different cleaning tips that you can apply by yourself for the maintenance of your pool.

No need to hire professionals for this purpose. So, keep reading this article.

Pool Maintenance for Beginners:

If you have recently installed a pool at your place, then you need to take proper care of its maintenance in the first place.

You are required to learn some skills that can be applied on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. By applying the skills, you will get neat and clean water and will secure your pool from any damage.

There are some steps that you need to follow as a beginner for becoming the best pool owner.

  • First of all, you have to find your inner swimmer. This is because if you love to swim then you will surely keep your pool clean.
  • Make yourself ready for the challenges when you have decided to clean the pool. You might need to work hard for proper maintenance of your pool.
  • Never lose your spirit just lighten up yourself by remembering that you have this pool because you love to swim.
  • Take the help of the kids and try cleaning the pool regularly.

Know the Type of Your Pool:

After reading and understanding the above points, now you have to understand what kind of pool you have. It may be concrete, fiberglass, vinyl in-ground pool, and above-ground pools.

Parts of the Pool:

After knowing the type of pool builds an understanding of the fundamental parts of your pool is essential. The parts of the pool are listed below.

  • Drains
  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Returns
  • Skimmers
  • Heater
  • Chemical feeder

As a beginner, if you have the above knowledge then you can easily clean and maintain your pool.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance for Beginners:

Above Ground Pool Maintenance for Beginners

If you have recently installed an above-ground pool, then you need to know that what steps are needed to maintain your pool as a beginner. Take the following into consideration.

  • Install a Pump:

    Make sure you have installed a sump pump at your home that will prevent any damage caused by the leaking pool.

  • Check Chlorine Level:

    You have to keep the required amount of chlorine in your pool that is beneficial against algae and bacteria, etc.

  • Weekly Treatment:

    Give weekly sock treatment to your pool that will let the chlorine work against bacteria and algae.

  • Keep an Eye on pH Level:

    Test the pH level of your pool every day.

  • Do Not Overrun the Pump:

    Run the pool pump for 8 hours a day. And keep the skimmer basket and filter clean.

  • Vacuum the Pool Often:

    Make sure to often vacuum your pool. Do not just depend on the filters and skimmers.

How to Clean Swimming Pool Water?

It is very necessary to clean the water of your pool so that you can enjoy your swimming with pleasure. You will need to shock your pool to maintain the chlorine level in the water.

You can hire a professional, but you can also do it by yourself if you know the volume of your pool. In this way, you can calculate how much chlorine is needed for your pool. After adding chlorine, start filtering the water to change the green water into a clean and bluish color that will look very nice. Many other treatments can also be used for polishing the water like OZONE or bleach, etc.

Pool Cleaning Tips:

For cleaning your pool, you can follow the below tips, which will give you a clean pool each time.

  • Before vacuuming, make sure to skim out the rubbish as you can do it with simple techniques. In this way, you can save the time of clogging the unit and you are not required to clean the basket of the skimmers recurrently.
  • To keep your pool clean and secure it from algae, make sure to clean your pool once or twice a week.
  • If the pool has a long growth of algae, then take the brush and use it on the algae to make it soft. In this way, the vacuum will not take much time to skim it out.
  • Put the hose off to prevent the growth of algae.
  • Use the brush that suits the type of your pool. This is because the wrong brush can damage the pool.
  • Brush thoroughly and use it before vacuuming each time.

How to Clean a Pool That Has Been Sitting for Months?

You can clean a pool by draining it if it has been sitting for months. But the draining depends on the type of pool you have. If you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool, then you should not go for draining it. Otherwise, you may damage such pools. But if you do not want to drain your pool then you can clean it in the following manner.

  • To remove organic rubbish, you can use a leaf beggar. It can skim out more than 90% of the rubbish. Try again and again and stop when they return clean to you.
  • Treat your water to balance pH, stabilizer, and alkalinity.
  • Now it is time to get the grey-blue color of the water of the pool. You can get it by shocking the water. You will need 5-10lbs per 10,000 gallons of water to get this color in pool water.
  • A filter can also be used to clean the water.
  • For setting the suspended particle use clarifier or flocculants.
  • To lighten the stains, use a vacuum after filling the pool.

Pool Pump Maintenance:

It is very important to properly maintain all the equipment of the pool. The same is the case for the pool pump. The lint pot basket must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging but make sure to not use chemicals in them.

Before starting the pump make sure that isolating valves are not closed, and the pump is primed. Also, protect the pump from extreme weather.

To avoid damage to the motor of the pump, make sure you are not running the pool pump on an extension lead.

Make sure the pump is not dry and it is not starving for water. If you will not care about the pump, then you may face serious issues.

Final Words

The details provided above are helpful in pool maintenance for beginners. Going through the details provided above, you are ensured to have a nice, clean, and fresh pool at your disposal. Follow the guidelines and you are good to go as a beginner.

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