How to Get Rid of Natural Gas Smell in House?

Natural Gas Smell in House

Natural gas is most commonly used in homes for water and room heating. There is always a threat of gas leakage if you are using natural gas appliances at your home.

It can be more dangerous if the natural gas contact with the fire or sparks. And most importantly it is very difficult to breathe in a place where gas is leaking and might lead to death.

If you are facing any natural gas leak in your house then you should not leave it unattended. You should take immediate action to get rid of a natural gas smell in house.

What are the Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Home?

If you will use natural gas appliances accurately then it can be very convenient for you but if you will use these appliances wrongly then can cause dangers for you. 

There can be numerous signs of a gas leak in your home. If you notice one of the following signs in your house then it means there is a gas leak in your home.

  1. Rotten eggs smell
  2. Sulfur smell
  3. The gas pipes creating a whistling sound
  4. Dust cloud close to gas pipelines
  5. Damaged pipelines of gas
  6. There are bubbles in the water
  7. Houseplants are getting dead
  8. Breathing issues in the house
  9. Nausea and chest pain
  10. Fatigue and dizziness

If there are any of the above signs then you should quickly take action to inspect the natural gas leak in your house.

What to Do if You Smell a Gas Leak

If you notice anyone signs mentioned in the above section or smell a gas leak in your house, then you should do the following.

  1. The first thing to do after smelling gas in your house is to turn off all gas appliances in your home.
  2. Be sure nobody smoke in the home.
  3. There should be no fire flames in your house.
  4. All the electric devices should be switched off.
  5. All the doors and windows of the house should be left open.
  6. If you can still smell gas then you should turn off the gas meter.
  7. You should take your family outdoor.
  8. Call the gas supplier immediately
  9. Be sure you are not using mobile phone around the suspected area

If the gas is leaking in the street then you should not think that this is not your issue. Take action as this is your issue. Don’t wait for others to do the job.

How to Get Rid of Natural Gas Smell in House?

If you are using gas appliances in your home, then you have to be very careful. If a leak occurs in any of the gas pipes then you should call a professional and let him remove the smell out of the house.

Also, open all the doors and windows so that the smell can get the way out and you can breathe easily. It will be better to move the residents to some other area.

Only the professionals can help you to remove the gas smell from your house because it all requires proper tools.

House Smells like Gas but No Leak

There is a possibility that you smell like gas in your house but found no leaks while inspection. You checked all the pipes and meters of the house but there are no leaks found.

In such a case, check the following if you still smelling like gas without any leaks.

  1. If you have checked all the gas pipes in your house but there is no leak then you should check it by your neighbor’s side. It is because the smell might be coming from there. Or you should call a professional to inspect the area.
  2. If it is not a gas smell then sulfur can be a culprit. The smell of sulfur is like the smell of gas. It is not as harmful as the gas leaks but you should fix it immediately.
  3. You may have checked all the pipes and meters without using any instruments. So it is advised to check with proper instruments because it is nearly impossible to detect a gas leak without a meter and other tools.
  4. The sulfur smell can also come from the sewage drains in your house and cause a gas like smell.
  5. Bacteria can also cause small like gas, so you should wipe the sink with bleach to get rid of this bad smell in your house.

Signs of a Gas Leak Outside

When you have inspected your house for a gas leak and found no issues inside then the smell might be coming from outside the house. You should check the following signs of a gas leak outside and then take action accordingly.

  1. Usually, the natural gas has no color and smell that is why the smell of sulfur is added to it. It is because it can be detected in case of a leak.
  2. The hissing sound outside your house
  3. If the surrounding plants are changing their colors

What to Do if You Smell Gas Outside Your House?

If there is no gas leak in your house, then the smell may be coming from outside the house.

It does not mean that it’s not a serious issue. It might be the issue of all houses in the street but you should take it as seriously as you take your house issues.

Take the following actions.

  1. You should talk to your neighbors
  2. Call the emergency helpline of the gas providing company
  3. It will be better to move your family members outside the area until the smell is controlled
  4. Make sure there are no electric appliances
  5. Keep the fire away from the area because it can cause danger to the lives of the residents.


This article has well explained how to get rid of natural gas smell in house. It is a complete guide and will tell you to get out of the problem easily.

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