How to Install Magnetic Weather Stripping?

Homeowners always keep searching for methods to make their homes more secure and protected. Some search about the cleaning of the house while some search how to maintain the temperature of the house. Magnetic weather stripping is a very good idea to seal the air of your house. 

Nowadays, most homeowners apply weather stripping on the top and the sides of the windows and doors to enclose the air inside the room. Hence, in this way, there will be fewer electricity bills and the room will remain cool for a longer period. 

In this article, you will learn about installing, removing, and fixing weather stripping. If you are searching for the right method of doing any of these tasks, then keep reading this blog. 

What is Weather Stripping?

A process in which the openings of the door, windows, or trunks are sealed is called weather stripping. The main purpose of weather stripping is to keep the inside air in and outside air out of the weather stripping.

This is a very effective tool for preventing rain or dust particles from coming into the room or the area where stripping is installed. All in all, it prevents severe weather conditions.

It is very effective in places where AC is installed. With weather stripping, the warm air will not be allowed to come inside and increase the temperature of the room. 

How to Install Magnetic Weather Stripping?

Magnetic weather stripping creates a tight seal against the air or water. Many brands offer the exact measurements of weather stripping for the door or the windows. It acts like the gasket of a refrigerator.

Installing magnetic weather stripping is very easy. You can do it by following the given steps.

  1. If you have purchased only the magnetic material of weather stripping, then cut it according to the size of your door. Measure the exact size. Otherwise, you may leave some holes in the stripping. 
  2. Once you have measured and cut all the pieces (side, bottom, up) then start applying it. 
  3. Now start inserting it from the top. Hold from one end and push from the other end into the door sides. Do it the same way and insert the magnetic stripping on all sides of the door. 
  4. Make sure that you have not left any gaps. Otherwise, it will not work as expected. 
  5. Then examine the stripping by testing it. You will surely feel a change. 

Magnetic Door Weather Stripping Replacement:

With time, the stripping gets cracked and starts having gaps in it.

You might feel discomfort in this situation. So, what to do now? It is time to replace the magnetic stripping. Do it as follow:

  1. First of all, you need to take a new weather stripping kit so that you can start the replacement job. Get the stripping exactly to the size of the door.  
  2. Take a screwdriver or a putty knife to remove the old stripping. If one corner is removed, then you can remove the other with your hands. Make sure the tools are not damaging the door.
  3. Now as you have cut or purchased the exact size stripping, it is time to insert it.
  4. Starting from the top, push it with your hands from one corner to the other. 
  5. It will now have no gaps and cracks and will also eliminate your discomforts. 

How to Install Foam Weather Stripping Around a Door?

The cheapest type of weather stripping is foam weather stripping. It will work the same as the other weather stripping work.

It will keep your house cool in the summer and hot in the winter. You can install it by the below steps. 

  1. If there is any stripping already on the door then put it off with a putty knife or any other tool.
  2. Use an adhesive remover to scrub the door sides.
  3. Clean the door with soap and water to remove the debris. 
  4. Now measure the sides of the door and then cut the pieces to their exact length. You can also take ready-made stripping from the market. 
  5. This is an adhesive stripping. So, to remove the backing and then inserting it on the top of the door, you have to push it with your hands to fix it properly. Repeat it for all sides and then test it by closing the door. 

How to Remove Door Weather Stripping?

Installing weather strips is a very easy job. You must get it from the above discussion. But removing weather stripping is far easier than installing. You can do it in the following manner.

  1. When you have decided to remove the old weather stripping then it will only take few minutes to remove it. 
  2. Take a putty knife if the stripping is adhesive based. Sometimes it has a corner that leaves the adhesive so you can pull it off from that corner and all the sides will be removed.
  3. But if it is not magnetic based then take a hammer to pull it from one corner.
  4. Make sure your door is not getting damaged with a hammer or any tool.
  5. Scrub the door and clean it from the adhesive of old stripping.

How to Fix Weather Stripping?

Sometimes it is possible that one side of the stripping gets cracked or there might be some gaps formed in it. In this situation, you do not want to replace the entire stripping as some part of the stripping is still perfect.

So, you can fix it by taking only the rotten part of the old stripping and replacing it with the new part. It is quite an easy task and can be done using the steps mentioned above.

How do you Weatherstrip a Sliding Window?

For sliding windows, it is required to get a v-strip/tension seal to weather strip it. You can buy any material in it like vinyl, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is used in both slides hung of a sliding window. It is very durable and will show you excellent results.

The method of installing weather stripping is mostly the same. Just cut it according to the size and then insert it carefully without leaving any gaps in it.

Choose the best magnetic weather stripping for your home and get the best results. Good Luck! 

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