Kitchen Sink Leaking: Common Causes and How to fix it?

Kitchen Sink Leaking

The sink of the kitchen is the most used area in every house. It is used for doing many things like washing utensils, taking water for making tea, and many more. So, what if it has started leaking? This can be a very stressful thing as this is the main part of doing any task in the kitchen. So, you have to find out the cause and then repair it accordingly.

In this article, you will read about different causes of kitchen sink leaking as well as the methods to fix it. If you are facing this issue, then keep reading this article.

Kitchen Sink Leaking Underneath:

If the sink of your kitchen is leaking underneath, then there must be a problem with the supply lines of water to your kitchen sink. Usually, two pipes are connected to the kitchen sink but there can be more pipes as well. Every pipe should be checked for leakage.

You may not notice the leakage. This is because the connections are not in front of your eyes. So, you may notice when you see the things around your sink start to get wet. The cause behind this leakage can be a problem with the seal of the connector.

How to Fix a Leak Under the Sink?

You can fix a leak under your kitchen sink yourself by following the given steps:

  • Check the Source of the Leak

    Check each water supply linked with your kitchen sink.

  • Check the Type of Leakage:

    If only a seal is failed in the connector, then you can fix this by replacing it with a new seal.

  • Clean the Drainpipe:

    If your cabinet is filled with water then it can be a leakage in the drainpipe. So, you have to clear the drain to remove the blockage.

  • Hire a Professional

    If the pressurized pipe is a leak, then you need to hire a professional for this purpose. This is because here need professional tools to fix it.

Kitchen Sink Leaking from Faucet:

The leak from the faucet can be easily noticed. You can spot it when you turn on the tap, and water tarns at the top of the sink. It is also possible that the faucet is leaking under the skin.

This can only be detected if you check the cabinet of the sink. It is mostly caused by failed seals. You can replace it and check again for the leakage. If it is still leaking, then you might need to change the entire faucet and you can do this easily.

Kitchen Sink Leaking from Handle:

The kitchen sink leak can happen from the handle as well. Water keeps leaking from the tap either it is on or off. When the water is leaking from the handle, then it can be because of dirt fixed on the seals or washers. You can clean the dirt to fix this problem.

But if leakage continues after water is turned off then this can be an issue in the spacer of the faucet. In this situation, you need to replace the valves and spacer.

Kitchen Sink Drainpipe Leaking at Connection:

When the kitchen sink started leaking, one thing that quickly comes to mind is that the leakage source must be the connection point of the drainpipe. It is spotted easily and quickly.

Loose compression nut, issues in P-trap, wrong pipe length can be the common causes of leakage from a drainpipe at connection. The drainpipe can be leaked even if there is some obstacle in the way of drain water. You can fix the problems by yourself but if you fail to do so or the problem is of severe type then hire some professionals for this.

How to Fix Leaky Sink Drainpipe?

How to Fix Leaky Sink Drainpipe

It is very necessary to fix the leaky drainpipe as soon as possible otherwise it can cause serious damage. You can fix a leaky drainpipe in the following ways:

  • Tighten the Compression Nut:

    if the leak is happing due to a loose compression nut, then you can use a wrench to tighten the nut by yourself.

  • Replace the Compression Nut:

    If the leakage is not fixed even after tightening the compression nut, then it is possible that the nut has cracked or worn out. In this way, you need to replace the compression nut.

  • Problem With P-trap:

    If the problem is in P-trap then it is possible that there is some blockage in the drainpipe that creates pressure, and it starts leaking. For this purpose, you need to clean the drainpipe.

  • Install Correct Size Pipe:

    The leakage can be by the wrong size of pipe. If it is then removing this pipe and install the required length of pipe.

Kitchen Sink Leaking from Hose:

A kitchen sink may also be leaking from the hose. The leak can be at the nut of the hose or the loose end of the hose under the sink.

In this case, you can tighten the loose nuts and the issue will be fixed. But if this is not the problem then check the source of the leakage.

In this situation, you have to make sure that it is the hose that is leaking, and water is not coming from anywhere else. You can only replace a part of the hose that creates leaking but if it does not solve the issue then you may need to replace the entire nuts.

How to Seal Kitchen Drain?

It is very necessary to seal a kitchen sink drain because it will keep the kitchen sink in a better condition and prevent them from further issues. You can seal a kitchen drain by following steps:

  1. Loosen the nut that holds the drain by using a wrench.
  2. Then push up the drain from the bottom of your sink. Do not do it from the top as it can damage the sink.
  3. Use a putty knife to remove the old sealant from the drain. And then clean it from any waste material.
  4. Apply silicone drop around the hole of the drain and then another drop afterward.
  5. Now drop the drain flange carefully in the hole. Make sure you need to get a tight seal between the flange of the drain and its hole.
  6. Now slide the gasket up against the bottom of the sink. Tighten the locknut with your hands. Then use a pipe wrench to tighten it.
  7. Remove the excessive caulk and clean the surrounding of the sink.

Wrapping Up:

The kitchen sink is the most used part of the house as many chores are related to the kitchen. So, any issue with it can be a great nuisance for you.

If you witness the kitchen sink leaking, then you must try to stop the leakage as quickly as possible. You can do it by following the steps mentioned above.

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