Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base: How to Fix?

Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base

Kitchen Faucet Leaking at base might not be a big deal, but it does not mean that it should not be fixed. A leaky kitchen faucet will annoy the homeowners, and frequent water dripping from the faucet waste a lot of water.

If it is fixed, then the wastage of water will be resolved. The people can do it by their selves as well as they hire professionals for this purpose.

In this article, you will read about Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base with single and double handles and get to know the method to fix it. In the end, you will surely be able to fix it and get rid of dripping water. So, let us get started.

Why is My Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base?

  • The Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base might be temporary that you can quickly fix. In this type of leaking, the dirt and dust gather in the faucet’s bearings that make the water of the faucet tight. The debris creates a hurdle in water, so the Kitchen Faucet starts Leaking at the base.
  • The Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base may not be temporary. It is constants leak that even continues when the faucet is off. In this type of Kitchen Faucet Leaking, the dust and debris gathered in the valve stops the valve from making proper water flow.
  • Sealed rings
  • Cracked valves
  • Inner cartridge issues

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base

  If you have a single-handle Kitchen Faucet at your home, it means that it contains only one handle to control the pressure and temperature of the water.

Single-handle kitchen faucets are the most commonly used products for the kitchen sink. With time the faucet can get cracked or worn out that can cause leakage at the base.

The water is dripping even if the faucet is turned off. You should get some time and make some efforts to fix the issue to prevent yourself from more loss. In the following section, you will read the fixing of a single-handle kitchen faucet.

How to Fix Leaky Kitchen Faucet Single Handle?

 It is effortless to fix a single-handle kitchen faucet. You can easily do it yourself by replacing the damaged parts. In this way, you will save a lot of money and will not need to hire professionals for this purpose. You can do it as follows.

  1. You will need a screwdriver, wrench, Allen wrench, cleaner to remove mineral build-up, etc.
  2. Turn off the supply of the water for the sink. And remove the handle by removing the screws.
  3. Now you can see the disc cartridge directly. Here you can see the retainer nut that screws the disc cartridge. So please remove it. Now get the cartridge out from the faucet body. You can use the wrench pliers for this purpose.
  4. Now check the rubber seal. If it is damaged or worn out, then you should replace the old one with the new one. It would help if you got the exact cartridge so that you will not get any other issues.
  5. You have to clean the faucet body from inside entirely before installing the cartridge. You can use cleaner to remove mineral build-up for this purpose. Then install the cartridge, fix the retainer nut, and place the handle again.

How to Repair a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with a Spray Hose?

 You can repair the single-handle kitchen faucet with a spray hose in the following manner.

  1. To see the gasket, remove the spray hose. The gasket is now exposed for you.
  2. Check the spray hose by turning on the faucet and turning it off when you have found the damaged spot.
  3. Replace the damaged part of the gasket and then install it again. You will surely get success, but if it is not fixed, you can call a professional.

Two Handle Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base

With two handle kitchen faucets, you will need more efforts to locate the leak as now you have to determine which part of the faucet caused the leak.

However, it should be fixed at an early stage to prevent further damage. One is for cold water in this type of faucet, and one handle is for hot water.

How to Fix Leaky Kitchen Faucet with Two Handles?

 You can fix two handle leaky kitchen faucets. You can fix the issue without replacing the whole faucet. You can do it as follows.

  1. You will need a wrench, flathead, and Phillip head screwdriver and seat removal tools, etc.
  2. Then determine the source of the leakage. If you see the water is constantly dripping, you should turn off the hot water supply valve. If the water stops dripping, you need to replace the hot water handle. Otherwise, it would be best if you replaced the cold-water handle.
  3. Now turn off the water supply, remove the damaged handle with Phillip’s screwdriver, and then use the wrench to remove the retainer nut and then replace the damaged part with the exact match of the stem. The issue will be resolved.

Hot Water Faucet Leaks When Cold Water is on

If the hot water is a leak when the cold water is on, then the issue is in the hot water handle. You will need to fix it. You can apply the method mentioned in the above section to replace the hot water leak handle.

Faucet Leaks at Base when Turned on

 If you notice a leak in the faucet base when the faucet is turned on, it is a temporary issue. It might be due to the debris, or the dirt collected in the faucet body.

It would be best if you fixed it out. You can do it by following the steps mentioned in the article.

How to Seal Kitchen Faucet Base?

 Kitchen faucets need to be adequately sealed to avoid leaking. You can do it as follows.

  1. Turn on the faucet after turning off the water supply. This is because you need to drain out the faucet.
  2. Remove the faucet if you have already installed it. And then clean the counter of the sink where you have attached the faucet.
  3. Make a ring for the faucet by rolling the putty of a plumber in a rope. Then press the putty in the base of the faucet.
  4. Insert the faucet back. And replace gaskets and nuts of the faucet.
  5. Now connect the supply lines again and turn on the water. It is time to test the faucet to make sure it is adequately sealed.

If you are facing kitchen faucet leaking at base, then it is advised that you adopt one of the above mentioned methods to get rid of it and avoid damage.

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