How to Shine Laminate Floors? [Quick & Easy Steps]

Laminate flooring is a great option for saving your wood floors. At the same time, it gives you a smooth surface that you can clean easily.

You can clean all the dust with one wipe. But being a homeowner you might be worried about the shine of your laminate flooring. It is a difficult task to maintain its shine.

In this article, you will learn how to shine laminate floors by using different products. You will also read the method to restore laminate floors. So let’s get started.

What to Use on Laminate Flooring to make it Shine?

There are numerous cleaners available in the market that offers great shine. But you might be fear of using chemicals on your laminate floor so it is suggested to use white vinegar for making it shine.

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and is found in almost every cleaning remedy. It will help you to remove all residues from the surface and will also maintain its shine with regular cleaning.

If you have no reach to vinegar which is almost impossible then you can use rubbing alcohol as a substitute. But you have to be very careful while using rubbing alcohol.

How to Make Laminate Floors Shine Naturally?

To make laminate floors shine naturally, you need to be active and do the task regularly. In this way, you will increase the lifetime of your laminate floors with all their beauty.

Otherwise, you might need to replace your dirty laminate flooring. You should do it as follows to make your laminate floor shiny.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to choose the right cleaning solution. The right solution will help you to remove the entire dust and debris from the laminate surface whereas the wrong products will lead to residue accumulation on the surface that will lead to replacing the entire lamination.
  2. You have to clean your laminate floor for dust as leaving dust unattended will decrease its life. Dust can leave spots on the laminate flooring, so make sure there is no dust on the floor anytime. Do not use a roller brush or a beater brush on the laminate floor; it will ruin its beauty. Always use the soft broom on it.
  3. The right laminate cleaner is not necessarily expensive. When vinegar and alcohol can do the task then you should not spend on expensive cleaners.
  4. Regularly clean your laminate floor from the entire residue. But be sure you are not steam cleaning your laminate flooring because steam cleaning is a hot procedure that can burn your laminate floors. You can use a cleaning cloth to wipe the residue from the surface.
  5. Polish your cloth with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Be sure to not move to the next section when you have not finished the section you are polishing.

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking?

Cleaning must be accurate otherwise it can cause streaks on the surface. The protective coating of the laminate floors is always prone to streaking which is why you have to be careful while cleaning it.

  1. You should use a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the floor.
  2. The polish and wax can cause streaks on the surface. So it is advised to use a clean cloth to wipe the debris from the surface.
  3. And if you are using any laminate floor cleaning product then you should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  4. For achieving a better result of the cleaner, you can first vacuum the surface to lessen the dust.
  5. And the most important thing is to use a mop to keep your laminate floor dry, because if you will let it dry in the air then it can cause streaks on the surface, so be sure to not skip the last step.

How to Remove Buildup on Laminate Floors?

When you clean your laminate floors with soap or other cleaning items regularly then a layer of these items may build up on the surface. It can decrease the beauty of your house.

If you have noticed such buildup on your laminate flooring then it is advised to use an acidic cleaner. And if the marks are tough then you can use detergent on them.

To remove buildup on your laminate floor, you need to do it as follows.

  1. Sweep the floor for dust completely.
  2. Mix a warm water gallon with one cup of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Soak the mop in the solution and wring it on the floor from start to the end. Try rinsing mop often to avoid any debris and make the floor shiny.
  4. Wipe the floor with a smooth and soft towel to keep it dry after washing it with the solution.
  5. You can move the towel on the laminate flooring with your feet to give it a bright look.

How to Clean Laminate Floors With Vinegar?

As told, in the beginning section, that vinegar is considered the best cleaning agent.

It is a natural cleaning solution. It can never damage the laminate flooring if you will use it in an adequate amount. That is why vinegar is also the best option to clean laminate flooring.

You can do it as follows.

  1. Take a spray bottle and add ΒΌ cup of white vinegar to it.
  2. Fill the bottle with warm water and shake it well.
  3. Spray the solution on the small area of your laminate floor.
  4. Take a mop and remove the solution as leaving it on the floor can damage the flooring.
  5. At the end take a soft towel to dry the floor completely.

How to Restore Laminate Floors?

If you will ask for one statement answer to the said question, then it is best to tell you that if you want to get the beauty of your laminate floor back then clean it with white vinegar solution. It will give you a neat and clean look and you will drop the idea to replace the laminate flooring.


There can be numerous reasons for the dull laminate flooring. But this does not mean that this issue cannot be solved. You can do the task by yourself for the shine of your laminate floor by using common kitchen products.

If you are having laminate floors in your buildings, then you must know how to shine laminate floors to give them a lifelong beauty and strength. This article presents you with all the details on how to shine the floors.

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