How to Level Ground for Pool Without Digging?

It is very important to level the ground before making a pool. The water level will not remain even on the unleveled ground and can also be dangerous for kids.

The structure of the pool will never be strong on the unleveled ground and you might need to work on it again and again.  

In this article, you will learn how to level ground for pool without digging.

You can do it by yourself or can get the services of some professionals. Let’s start this exciting experience.

How to Level Ground for Pool Without Digging?

Collect all the required tools (water, tamper, 4-inch nail, wheelbarrow, sand, stake (wooden and metal), rake, sod cutter, tape measure, hammer, planks, and crushed limestone) for leveling the ground.

Now you can start the procedure as follows.

  1. First of all, find the place where you will make a pool. Choose the place that does not contain any pipelines and other lines under it.
  2. Clean the spot from any kind of plants, grass, and bushes over it. You can place a tarp that will kill the grass and help you to clear the spot.
  3. Now when all the area is clean, you can deeply examine the uneven patches in the area. Use leveling equipment as it will tell you that which patches are higher and which are lower.
  4. Now take a plank and check the leveling of the area. You do not need to dig the higher parts because you can put soil on the lower parts.
  5. After getting even location, sprinkle water on it because it is necessary for compactness. Temping will also get the soil in a good shape.
  6. Now you are going to make your pool. Mark the pool with spray paint or place rope in a ring to form the shape of a pool.
  7. Place the board on the mark place and then pour sand on the sides of the pool. It will make the base strong. Compact the sand using a lawn roller.
  8. Now locate the places that are uneven after making a pool and level it.
  9. Sprinkle the crushed limestone in a manner that it is leveled with the ground. You can add more after it gets hard.
  10. Place a pool pad or base protector in pool that will keep its foundations strong.

How to Level Ground for Rectangular Pool?

Leveling of the ground for a rectangular pool is the same except for marking the shape. You should perform the first five steps as mentioned in the previous section and then do it as follows.

  1. Take a spray paint bottle and spray on the prepared area with it. Make a rectangular shape 6 inches wider than required.
  2. Place the rope on the marks of the spray paint, it might be complicated so use some other probes to do the task.
  3. Then place the board on the marked area.
  4. Check the evenness inside the pool and make it level using a plank. Also add some soil in the lower patches because you do not want to dig the higher parts.
  5. Pour sand around the pool to make it strong and then add a base protector to it.

Above Ground Pool Leveling Problems

There can be numerous issues found when leveling an above ground pool.

Some of the most common are as follows.

  • Damaged pool liners
  • Conceded verticals
  • Leaks
  • Loose connections
  • Uneven area

What to Put Under Above Ground Pool to Level?

There are many things to put under an above-ground pool in order to level it.

The most common and inexpensive one is sand.

You can also put concrete pads, solid foam, stone dust material, and commercial pads. The choice depends on your budget.

However sand can be the best solution and it will give a strong base to the pool.

How to Level an Above Ground Pool on Grass?

If you have picked a place where there is a lot of grass and you do not want to get rid of it then you can make your pool over it.

The procedure to level an above-ground pool on grass is as follows.

  1. Place sand on the grass to make it even. In this way, you will get rid of the nasty smell in your yard.
  2. Now spray water on the sand bed to make it even. Roll it with the lawn roller.
  3. Place the groundsheet on the surface; it will restrict the grass to grow.
  4. Be sure to make the area clean because it can be dangerous for the kids because the kids love to play around the pool.

How to Fix an Unleveled Pool Without Draining?

Your pool might start showing bad results after a year of its building. Like it can start leaving its base or can found leaks in it. These are the reasons for an uneven pool.

So if you are facing such issues then take action to fix them. You might be thinking that you have to drain the pool to make it level. It can cause heavy water bills.

You do not need to worry because you can level an above-ground pool without draining it as follows.

  1. Drain only half of the pool and wear all the protective gear before starting the rest of the procedure.
  2. Pry up the walls by using a shovel and remove the blocks.
  3. Now add them again at a leveled position using a hammer.
  4. Do it same on all the blocks of the pool.
  5. Pack the soil using sand under the pool because you have done a new procedure. At the end refill the pool and enjoy swimming.


People are found fond of adding pools to their residences.

Adding a pool in your place is not an easy task and requires tiresome efforts especially when digging the ground.

So, to avoid the hassle, people are always looking for the answers on how to level ground for pool without digging.

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