How to Hang Plants from Ceiling Without Damage?

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling
Vines and light bulbs suspended from a ceiling in a room in Bangkok. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Plants are perfect for making a home look pretty. But you have to hang them in a way that it can look unique.

They can be hanged in the ceiling by drilling holes in the drywall. But it can damage the house.

This guide comes with numerous ways about how to hang plants from ceilings without damage. Let’s dive into the procedure deeply.

How to Hang Indoor Plants from Ceiling?

If the indoor plants are to be hanged from the ceiling, one has to know how to operate a drill machine. Otherwise, it might end up with damage.

  1. First of all, you need to gather the required material: ceiling hooks, hinged clip, chain to hang, and a drill with a good drill bit.
  2. Drill the hole in the ceiling where the plant is to be hanged. Don’t drill too close to walls because it can disturb the balance of the plant basket.
  3. Screw the hook in the hole. If it is a spring hook, then it will look plaint to the ceiling.
  4. Hang the plant on the hook, and that’s all what is required.

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling Without Drilling?

Drilling can be a difficult task, and not all people know to operate it.

Some might use a significant drill bit that does not hold the hook properly.

The hole might start getting bigger gradually.

Numerous reasons lead towards the alternate methods to hang the plants from the ceiling.

It can be done in one of the following solutions.

i. Magnetic Hooks

If an apartment has metal beams, then a magnetic hook should be used to hang the plants from the ceiling. The best thing about these magnetic hooks is that they can carry 100lbs of weight. 

ii. Tension Rods

A tension rod or a spring curtain rod can also help to hang the plants from the ceiling.

For this, there is a need to compress the springs in the place where the plants are to be hanged and then the tension rod is inserted in the spring. After that, the plants can be hanged.

iii. Adhesive Hooks

If the plants are to be hanged plants from the ceiling without drilling, adhesive hooks can be the best option.

It would help if the hooks are fixed vertically on the ceiling for hanging the plant basket on it.

But one thing that is most important in this process is that one has to clean the surface from debris and dust. Otherwise, the hooks will not fit properly.

iv. Suction Cups

To hang lightweight plants from the ceiling, do use the suction cup hanging pot. But it can only carry weight up to 5 pounds.

How to Hang Plants from Concrete Ceiling?

Most of the homeowners discourage drilling the ceiling for handing objects.

To hang the plants from the concrete ceiling, you should use adhesive hooks will be a great option.

But you have to choose the right adhesive hooks that can hold the weight of the plant. It can be done as follows.

  1. Clean the concrete surface with an alcohol wipe because the dust can restrict the adhesive hooks from fitting correctly.
  2. Remove the paper from the back of the adhesive hooks. If an object is heavy, then you can add more hooks to divide weight in them.
  3. Attach the hook to the ceiling and then put pressure on it to make a strong bond.
  4. Wait for an hour before hanging the plant on the hook.

How to Hang Plants from Drywall Ceiling?

If there is a drywall ceiling with which the plants are to be hanged.

So to make the room decorative, a solution is needed that can end up with success and does not damage the ceiling.

The lighter plants can be hung with some adhesive hooks on the ceiling. But if heavy plants are to be hanged, then follow the below points.

  1. Find the ceiling joist in the drywall ceiling. A stud finder can be used for this purpose.
  2. Mark the place on the joist where the plants are to be hanged.
  3. Insert C-shape hooks on the place, and then use a wire to hang the plants.
  4. It would help if you buy ceiling anchors to attach the plant to hollow drywall.

How to Hang Plants from Plaster Ceiling?

Most DIY methods to hang objects on the ceiling are used for drywalls but not on the plaster walls.

It is because plaster is complex and more brittle than other walls.

If a hammer is used on the plaster walls, it might end up damaging the wall. It should be done using the below points.

  1. Locate a wood lath behind the plaster ceiling.
  2. Insert an anchor in the lath and screw it accurately.
  3. Hang the plants and enjoy.
  4. If the plants are to be hanged in the middle, use a rope or chain to hang the basket.

How to Hang Plants in Front of Windows?

If the plants are to be hung in front of windows without drilling, the best way is to use tension rods. It will give a pretty look to the windows.

The tension rods use the pressure to stay in their place. However, the plants can be hanged as follows.

  1. Take a tension rod and extend it holding it from inside the window frame.
  2. Pull out both the ends of the rod till the bar on the rod is against the frame.
  3. Be sure to place the tension rod at some distance from the top of the window. It will be good to have a distance of 6 inches.
  4. Now hang the plants on the tension rod. It will give a unique look to the room, and the tension rod will never be seen from inside the room. The plants can also be hanged with rope on the tension rod.
  5. If one does not want to use a tension rod, then there is another option also. The suction cups could be used to hang plants on the windows.


Plants not only help refreshen the mind and body; they also help in adding to the beauty of the place they are kept in.

People like to hang plants with ceilings inside homes and offices.

Proper care should be taken whenever plants are to be hanged so that the ceiling is not damaged.

Now you have known how to hang plants from ceilings without damaging the ceilings and can improve the beauty of your place.

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