How to Hang Pictures on Plaster Walls? [The Ultimate Guide]

Plaster walls are one of the favorite walls as they add to the beauty and attraction of homes.

One needs to be very careful while hanging pictures or sceneries on them because they can crack quickly if a hammer or nails are pierced in them.

A special type of adhesive nail or something alternative for hanging pictures on plaster walls is required.

In this article, you will learn how to hang pictures on plaster walls. Let’s get started.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures on Plaster Walls?

The weight of the picture to be hung on the wall is very important.

Different weight pictures need different ways to hang them.

If you want to hang heavy pictures, he needs to follow the below steps to keep walls safe from cracks.

  1. First of all, determine the place where a picture is to be hanged on the wall. After selecting it, measure the dimensions where the screw will insert. Mark the spot with a pencil.
  2. Place painter’s tape on the mark by making a hole in the centre of the tape. Take another tape piece and place it at 4 inches below the first tape. Fix only the bottom side of the tape on the wall. The open side will catch the debris that is produced while drilling the hole.
  3. Now drill the hole in the tape where a hole is visible. Be sure to follow the required width of the hole.
  4. Place an anchor in the hole. Be sure it is not bending at all.
  5. Insert the screw into the anchor. For this purpose, a screwdriver or drill can be used to insert the screw. After that, clean the area from debris and then hang the picture.

How Much Weight Can Plaster Walls Hold?

It is very good to use plaster hooks to hang pictures on plaster walls because using a hammer on plaster walls might damage them.

So, if the walls are to be saved from getting damaged, it is suggested only to hang the pictures that weigh up to 20 pounds.

There are some methods to hang heavy pictures on plaster walls; For this, you need to put a screw that is driven into a stud.

In this way, the wall can bear the weight of the picture up to 80 pounds.

How to Hang Pictures on Textured Plaster Walls without Nails?

Texture plaster is a surface that can never be polished. It can hide the signs of drywalls.

However, the hanging picture on these walls using nails will cause cracks and damage them.

So such a method needs to be learned that helps in hanging pictures using nails on the textured plaster walls.

There are many other solutions that can be applied as an alternative.

At first, remove any hanging hardware found at the back of the picture.

Place the adhesive strips on the picture and fix them on the wall.

If adhesive tapes are not to be used, then use adhesive hooks that can be attached to the position on the wall where the pictures are to be hung.

How to Hang Pictures on Old Plaster Walls?

With time, the plaster walls lose their strength. And if you will try to drill holes in them using a drill machine or hammer, you might end up damaging the walls.

So, have a look at the methods that can be used as an alternative to nails for hanging pictures on plaster walls.

It is suggested to use adhesive sticks, hooks or double-sided tape to hang frames on plaster because the drill will cause cracks on the walls.           

How to Install Picture Rail on Plaster Walls?

A picture rail on plaster walls will make it very easy to hang pictures and other objects.

So it is suggested to install a picture rail if you want to hang any pictures on plaster walls.

Collect all the required material and then follow the below steps.

  1. Mark the wall on both at approximately 18 inches below the ceiling. Take laser level and draw a straight line from one end to the other. Use chalk to make a line.
  2. Now measure the distance and cut the picture rail according to it. If molding is short than the required length, then join two pieces to make the proper length.
  3. Now apply the bead adhesive on the back of the molding and fix it on the wall by aligning it with the chalk line you have at the first step.
  4. Put small nails at every six inches of the molding using a pneumatic nailer.

Hanging Pictures on Plaster over Brick Walls?

It is suggested not to drill on the walls before knowing its components.

If you want to hang a picture on a wall made up of brick but covered with plaster, you have to attempt some method that does not damage the wall.

It can be done as follows.

  1. At first, analyze the walls and check the quality of plaster that is used on the brick. Be sure that there is no electric wire at the spot where the drilling is to be done.
  2. Take the right drilling machine, drill bit and screw according to the picture’s weight that is to be hanged. Two different drill bits will be required for the plaster and brick portion separately.
  3. Mark the drilling spot and drill that spot using a drill machine paired with a drill bit. Drill into the plaster portion of the wall.
  4. Insert the plug into the hole and then hit the screw in the plug.
  5. Hang the picture and enjoy.

How to Hang Pictures on Horsehair Plaster Walls?

In old homes, you might find plaster walls with horsehairs.

To hang pictures on horsehair plaster walls, follow the below steps.

  1. Locate the internal stud in the wall. Mark where a stud is found. Place duct tape on the spot.
  2. Take a picture hook and drill it with a screw at a marked position.
  3. Hang the picture on the hook, and don’t remove the duct tape. It will prevent the horsehair plaster to move around the screw. In this way, it will last for a long time. 


Plaster walls are found in a large number in many homes because of their preference by many people.

To increase the beauty of the homes, paintings are being hung with the walls.

With normal walls, much care is not required. However, when hanging pictures on plaster walls, special attention should be paid.

Avoid using drills on such walls and make use of double-sided tapes, hooks or adhesive sticks.

Altogether, by knowing how to hand pictures on plaster walls you can prevent the beauty of your house from damage.

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