How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror? [Easiest DIY Tutorial]

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Unframed mirrors do not look classy, and something needs to be added that can make the mirror noticeable.

Adding a simple DIY frame can increase its beauty.

One might think of replacing the unframed bathroom mirror because it seems to be useless. But here is good news: a frame can be added to the bathroom mirror that will enhance its beauty.

If you do not know how to frame a bathroom mirror, keep reading this tutorial. It gives complete information about it.

It is an easy and affordable method that can be adopted without any hassle. So let’s get started.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror With Clips?

Now almost half of the people use clips to hang mirrors, but they do not look attractive.

So you might want to get rid of these ugly clips and add a frame to make the bathroom frame look pretty.

The good news is that this can be done with one more step than other framing methods. It can be done as follows.

  1. Buy the thinnest washers. It would help if they are bought in different sizes because you are unsure which size will stand flat against the bathroom mirror.
  2. When the appropriate size is found, unscrew the clips and insert the washers in the same holes by tightening them with the same screws. Be sure not to remove all the clips at the same time.
  3. Now the washers hold the mirror as the clips were doing, but the difference is that these are flat. Molding can be easily inserted on them with glue.
  4. Cut the molding according to the exact size, and then start inserting it with molding glue. You will end up successfully framing the bathroom mirror.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror With Wood?

Follow the below steps to frame the bathroom mirror with wood.

  1. First, gather the required material like measuring tape, level, caulk, and miter saw painter’s tape, molding, etc.
  2. Measure the sides of the mirror and sketch on the paper to understand the dimensions accurately.
  3. Choose what type of board is required and buy that from the market.
  4. Cut the board according to the measurements. Be sure to cut them at 45-degree angles.
  5. Take a caulk gun and apply a liquid nail on the back of the boards. Be sure to apply it slightly away from the edges.
  6. Insert boards in their place and apply painter’s tape to fix them in a place. Be sure to use level at this point for framing in the right level.
  7. Caulk the corners of the frame; white silicone bathroom caulk will be a good option. And then you should remove the painter’s tape, enjoy the bathroom’s beauty.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror With Tile?

Tiles around the bathroom mirror will always give a unique and pretty look to the mirror. Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Gather the required materials like 3 tile sheets, trowel, grout, sponge, and caulk.
  2. Measure the sides of the frame and cut the tiles accordingly. Make sure to cut enough mesh.
  3. Now open the grout or adhesive that is bought at the first step.
  4. If you place the adhesive on the mirror, it will be perfect. Use a trowel to make lines of the paste,
  5. Push the tiles on the past with hard hands. Scrap the additional adhesive and clean the surrounding with a sponge. Caulk the corners with white silicone.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror With Crown Molding?

It can be done as follows.

  1. Lay the mirror in a place where it will not damage. Take a measuring tape and measure the dimensions to determine how much crown molding you need.
  2. Take a chop saw and cut the molding according to the measurements. It should fix around the mirror as a picture frame.
  3. Take a table saw and cut a groove to place the back of the mirror at the level.
  4. Nail the frame together and also use glue to fix it. Once it gets dry, then you need to fix the bathroom frame in it.
  5. Attach the mirror to the wall and enjoy.

How to Frame a Mirror with Metal?

Wood frames can damage it. That is why you might want something that lasts for years.

So here is a solution to add a metal frame to the mirror.

  1. Measure the sides of the mirror and go to some grinder shop where you can make the metal frame for the mirror.
  2. It will contain some holes to insert nails for holding a mirror.
  3. Add a board in the frame back and then insert mirror on it
  4. Find the wall stud and insert a heavy-duty wall anchor to hang the mirror.
  5. Hang the mirror and see the difference between before and after.

How to Decorate a Plain Bathroom Mirror?

There are numerous ways that you can decorate the old and boring plain bathroom mirror. It can be done as follows.

  1. Frame the mirror with crown molding, tile, metal, or wood. It will change the look of the bathroom mirror.
  2. If there is a large mirror, then split it into two parts. It will increase its beauty. Paint the mirror or can add boards to the mirror.
  3. Make some shelves in between the mirror.
  4. Add a single shelf in the bottom part of the frame where decoration pieces can be placed.
  5. Put some shiny adhesive material on the sides of the mirror. It will act as a mirror around the frame.

How to Frame a Beveled Bathroom Mirror?

Beveled mirrors are different in shape than the other mirrors. That is why these mirrors are costly.

If there is a plain beveled mirror in the bathroom, then it might be framed it to increase its beauty. It would be best if done as follows.

  1. Measure the sides of the mirrors. You might be confused here because of the trim edges, but it can be done the same way as other methods.
  2. Buy the molding and cut according to measurements. Stick it on the mirror and overlap on the outside edges of the mirror.
  3. If the frame is 4 inches, then it can cover the slopes of the frame. Hence, you will get rid of the ugly unframed beveled bathroom mirror.


Frameless mirrors are found in abundance in many places, especially bathrooms. They look beautiful to some extent,

However, as time progresses, they start looking unclassy. Therefore, to increase their beauty and strength, people shift towards framed mirrors.

Those who do not want to buy new mirrors, look for ideas on how to frame a bathroom mirror.

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