How to Find a Water Leak Underground? [Detection Methods]

Are you noticing water pudding in your courtyard, even on dry days? Then there might be some severe issues behind it.

You have to find out the cause of the water pooling in your lawn and then try to fix the cause as soon as possible because if it remained unattended, it could lead to some severe issues.

It is easy to find pipe leaks on the ground, but finding a leak underground needs more attention and can be pretty tricky.

In this article, you will learn to find underground water leaks and their signs. As this is a challenging task, you will need to hire plumbers who can dig the yard to find out the leak and fix it. Here’s how you can find water leaks underground.

Signs of Underground Water Leak

An underground water leak is challenging to detect and fix, but you can hire experienced services that eliminate your stress. You have to hire a professional quickly when you see this problem; otherwise, it can damage the foundations of your house. You must be thinking that what signs shows that there is a water leak underground.

Don’t worry! In this section, you will get to know about the symptoms of underground water leaks. These are as follows.

1. Higher Water Bills

The most critical sign of an underground water leak is getting a higher water bill every month. You have to notice the fact that is your water bills are increasing. If it is so, it means there are some leaks that you are unable to see.

You have to call a reputable plumber quickly to detect the cause of high bills.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

If you detect that the water pressure is decreasing and in the side of your neighbours the water pressure is high, then it means there is something messy in your home.

The pipes might be clogged with some debris or any other objects that are causing low water pressure. So you can detect it by turning on the shower followed by flushing the toilet.

When you notice that the battery stops running, it indicates low pressure.

3. Dust Found in Water

If you get dirty water or dust in the water coming from your underground pipes, then it means something is wrong with underground pipes. It would help if you took action to resolve the issues.

4. Nasty Smell

 If the water with dust also creates some unpleasant smell after some time, it is a clear indication that there is some blockage in your underground pipes. It’s time to call an experienced plumber to detect the cause of the nasty smell in your water.

5. Wet Spots in Yard or Damaged House Foundations

When a pipe leaks underground, the water seeps and can reach the foundations and cause damage and cracks. And if you always have wet spots in your yard, these both are clear indicators of underground water leaks.

Call an inspector to work for you so that you can never suffer from huge losses.

How to Find a Water Leak Underground?

From the above section, you are now aware of the most common signs of underground water leaks. In this section, you will learn that how can you find a water leak underground.

The underground pipes might crack, which is causing leakage. To make sure that there is an underground water leak, you can do it as follows.

  1. First of all, you need to find out the water meter in your street. It is commonly found in a box covered by a lid buried in the ground. The top of the box might be heavy as the package is of concrete. But you can open the lid with a screwdriver. There will be a main valve that is controlling the water flow of your house.
  2. Turn off all the tapes. And notice the dials of water.
  3. The meters have a small leak detector, and if the leak detector’s dial moves, it means there is a leak. Note the needle of the water leak indicator.
  4. Let the faucet off for 30 minutes, and then note that is needle has moved from its place.
  5. Now you should check for the signs of a leak and hire some plumber to do the job.

How to Find a Water Leak Outside Underground?

Sometimes the signs of a leak are not found inside your house, and then you notice the signs outside. You can confirm that there is a water leak outside underground in the following manner.

  1. Locate the water valve of your house.
  2. Shut off the main valve of the water supply to your home.
  3. Go to your water meter and check if the leak indicator is moving.
  4. If the indicator stops moving, then it means there is a leak inside your home.
  5. And if the leak indicator is still moving, it means there is a leak outside your house.

How to Find a Small Water Leak Underground?

 Sometimes the underground leaks are minor and do not needs to take severe actions like digging the yard. The plumbers use some methods to find a small leak underground by indicting the pipes with nitrogen.

It is a very successful method because if the gas finds a way out of the water, it means a leak underground, then it starts blowing out by generating a brash hiss. The plumbers hear the sizzle with the help of headphones. They move on the route of the hiss with headphones and then found the exact place of the leak underground.

How to Find a Busted Water Pipe Underground?

When the home gets old, then its plumbing pipes also get damaged with time. The lines may be cracked or bust underground. You can find a busted water pipe underground as follows.

  1. Turn off all the valves of the water supply in your house.
  2. Charge the pipes with nitrogen.
  3. When the gas found a busted pipe on the way, it returns a loud hiss that can hear with headphones.
  4. Move on the route of the hiss and reach the destination.
  5. Dig the area, and then you will indeed found busted pipe at that place.

How to Detect Water Leaks in Underground Pipes?

Water leaks in underground pipes can cause damage to the inside and outside of your home. You can detect water leaks in underground water pipes in the following manner.

  1. Locate the water meter outside your house.
  2. Note the dials of the meter and check the leak indicator.
  3. Turn off all water taps in your house.
  4. If the leak indicator is not moving, then it means you have water leaks in underground pipes.
  5. Confirm it by turning on all the faucets and checking the leak indicator. This time it is still moving.

Now you have known how to find a water leak underground and prevent damages caused by the leakage.

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