How to Find AC Leak in Home? [Causes & Fixes]

How to Find AC Leak in Home

The AC system is excessively important for you in the summer season when the temperature is at its peak and you need to cool down your home temperature.

Sometimes a leak may happen in the refrigerant system that can be very stressful for you and may lead to high bills. It can also lead to improper operation when you put it on.

So, it becomes very important for you to detect the cause behind not providing cooling of the AC system to prevent yourself from hot temperature. Thus you need to know how to find AC leak in home, its causes and fixes.

This article will be very useful for you if you are searching about detection, causes, and different aspects of leakage in the AC system at home. This article will expose all details regarding the leakages in detail. So, let us start exploring queries.

How to Find AC Leak in Home?

So, a question arises that if your AC does not provide cooling then how can you detect leakage in it? Different techniques are popular for AC leakage testing. You can apply one from the following to find a leak in your home system:

  • Electronic detection
  • Nitrogen detection
  • Soap bubble detection
  • Dye detection
  • Oil detection

You can use any one from them and can use the other if you find that one is not working positively for your AC system.

How to Check for Freon Leak in Home AC System?

It is not a funny matter if your home AC system has a Freon leak. The most important part of any cooling system is refrigerant. If it goes down, you will not be able to get cooling from your AC anymore.

The Freon leak can be proved very dangerous both for your comfort and budget. You can check your AC system for a Freon leak using one of the following techniques:

A) Electronic Detection of Leak in an AC:

In this method, the technicians use a sniffer to detect the leak in the refrigerants. It is very cost-effective, but it does not provide accuracy for all the parts of the AC, as its scan s the parts to whom it touches.

But if it needs to check the leak in the evaporator coil then it can be difficult for this electronic sniffer.

B) Dye testing for Freon Leak:

The technicians use the dye method to detect a leakage in Freon. The dye starts mixing itself with lubricants and if there is a small leakage in the AC it because the dye starts leaking from it.

But a point to consider is that all dyes are not preferred, it can also leave negative effects on your air conditioner.

C) Nitrogen Testing:

In this testing, the Freon is removed then nitrogen is pumped into the refrigerants. The leaks are exposed as the nitrogen pressure is very high. 

Air Conditioner Freon Leak Symptoms:

It is very important to check the reason behind the unsatisfactory performance of your AC. It can be a dangerous Freon leak that is already mentioned earlier.

So here a question arises that what signs show that the AC has a Freon leak in it. The following symptoms point to a Freon leak:

  • If your AC does not provide enough cooling, then airflow becomes slow which is a sign of a Freon leak.
  • When your AC produces warm air then it has a Freon leak
  • If there is ice on the evaporator coil the Freon leak is possible
  • The high energy bills are a significant sign of Freon leak.

Does Freon Leaks When AC is Off?

The answer to the above-asked question is: Yes, Freon can leak even if your AC is off. The results can be very hazardous if you do not get action immediately.

And if you want that you do not face this problem you need to get regular services for your AC system.

What Causes Freon Leak in Air Conditioner?

There can be numerous points that can cause a Freon leak. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Improper Installation:

if the new air-conditioned is not fixed perfectly then it can cause a Freon leak.

  • Damaged Parts:

the individual damage to the air-conditioned parts can also be the reason for the Freon leak.

  • Metal Holes and Being Worn Out:

with time, the metal is eaten away, and the small holes are formed that make a way to Freon leak. This can be very risky as you may need to buy a new AC for your home cooling.

  • Purchase a Defective AC:

If the air-conditioned is defective when you purchase it from the market, it may have already a Freon leak in it.

Signs of Leaking Evaporator Coil

If the AC has poor performance, then it can be an indicator of a leakage in the evaporator coil. As it is the most important part of the AC that removes the hotness from the air.

So, it can be very easy to identify a leaking in the evaporator coil, using the following signs:

  • If the air produced by the AC is not cool, then surely the evaporator is leaked.
  • When you turned on your AC, you might notice a weird scent from it that indicates a leakage in the evaporator.
  • The evaporator coil can be leaked if the compressor of the AC does not operate.
  • If the temperature of your AC does not remain constant, then there is a big problem with the evaporator coil of your air-conditioned.

How Do You Fix a Leaking Air Conditioner?

There are many solutions available for solving the above-mentioned issues of AC.

You can fix them in the following manner:

  1. If you change the air filter of your home AC, then you can avoid the problem of frozen evaporated coils. But sometimes it requires professional services to resolves this issue.
  2. You can fix a leak by patching it but sometimes patching does not prove to be useful, so you must replace the part of the AC that causes leakage.
  3. You need to clean the dirty filters regularly to fix the problems on time to prevent serious loss.

Leak Test with Nitrogen:

As discussed earlier, that you can test AC for leakage with nitrogen. And this test is recommended by the technicians. It costs more than the other leakage detection methods.

In this method, the Freon is removed totally, and the compressed nitrogen is pumped into the refrigeration system. In this way, the leak exposes to you and thus you can fix it with possible solutions or replace this part with the newer one.

Why is My Air Conditioner Running but Not Cooling the House?

This is the question that most people ask, as they are paying heavy bills, but they did not get the proper services of AC like it does not cool properly.

The answer to the said question is that it is possible that the evaporator coil is leaked or blocked that causes a breakdown in the cooling of AC.

There are chances of Freon leakage in your house AC system. So, you need to detect the cause and should fix it as soon as possible because on hot days you will encounter serious issues.

Final Statement

It is an obvious thing that the AC gets hot quickly or it does not cool the room. So, you need to consider why this issue is often found.

The AC you have bought and installed in your house may already be defective. In this case, contact the company because most of the companies have a warranty to return or change the defective system with a new one.

In this article, many user questions are addressed that can be helpful and lead to how to find AC leak in home. You should use the above detection methods if you think that issue can be solved by you with a slight cost.

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