How to Backwash a Swimming Pool? [The Easy Way]

In order to keep the pool filtration system run smoothly, it is essential to backwash it. Most of the pool owners have a question about how to backwash a pool.

This article will cover all the questions related to backwashing. Let’s get started.

What Does Backwash a Pool Mean?

Backwashing is a pool cleaning method in which the filtration system of the pool is cleaned so that the water flows smoothly and there is no debris and hurdles in its way.

Basically pool filters work to clean the water in the pool by filtering all the objects in it.

Over time, the pool filter gets debris and other particles that restrict the filter system to run smoothly. For this reason, backwashing is recommended.

To keep your pool away from any damage, you should clean it from time to time.

How to Backwash a Swimming Pool?

You can do the backwashing process by yourself because it is an easy task or you can also hire a professional team to do the service.

If you are using a sand filter in your swimming pool then backwash it as follows.

  1. First of all, turn off the pump and the filtration system of the pool.
  2. Now fix the hose of the backwash with the water outlet.
  3. Set the value of the filter to backwash and check that the handle is locked. You will see the water running through the hose. Wait until it gets clear.
  4. Cease backwashing by turning off-pump and then set the filter handle to rinse vale and lock it.
  5. Turn on the pump to run the rinsing process for one minute. When you see the clear water, turn off the pump.
  6. Close the skimmer valve so that water cannot each into the filter.
  7. Empty the skimmer basket from all the debris.
  8. Clean the hair catcher from all the particles as well.
  9. Attach the skimmer basket and hair catcher back to their position.
  10. At the end set the value of the filter valve to filter and turn the pump on. Enjoy your swimming.

What is the Purpose of Backwashing a Pool Filter?

Backwashing is about reversing the water flow. The purpose behind backwashing a filter system of a swimming pool is to clean all the debris from the filter system.

The pool filter restricts the dust coming into the pool that is why it gets dirty with time. Thus it is suggested to do a backwash to clean the skimmer basket and hair catcher.

If the debris gathers in the filter, it affects the working of the filter.

How to Backwash an Inground Pool?

If you do not clean the filter of your inground pool regularly then the gauge of the pump close to redlining or the sand in the pump gets dirty.

Backwash your inground pool in the following manner.

  1. Be sure that the water is at half of the opening of the skimmer.
  2. Turn off the water heater before you start backwashing.
  3. Open drain valve and close skimmer valve. Turn off the pump when the water is cold.
  4. Close the valve of the drain and remove the pump basket. See the debris in it and clean it.
  5. Turn the pump lever to backwash value. Open the air-relief valve of the pump filter.
  6. Be sure that the backwash hose is directly taking the water out of the pool.
  7. Turn on the pump and open the drain valve.
  8. When you see the water is flowing, open the skimmer valve.
  9. Run the pump for approximately 7 minutes or until you can see clear water running from the glass. Then turn off the pump.
  10. Set the filter to rinse mode and again turn on the pump. After rinsing shut down the pump and set the filter value to filter and enjoy.

Where does Backwash Pool Water Go?

It is up to you that where the backwash pool water will go.

Like you can attach a pipe with the outer hose of the filter and place the other end of the pipe to some sewage drain or in the backyard.

You can also let the water go independently if you do not want to use a pipe.

How Long to Backwash a Pool?

Backwashing does not require more time. Backwashing an above-ground pool filter consumes 2 to 3 minutes and an inground pool takes around 7 minutes.

How to Backwash a Pool with a Cartridge Filter?

As told you that backwash means reversing water flow but when it comes to cartridge filter then unfortunately you cannot backwash it.

When a cartridge filter needs cleaning then you have to do it with your hands because there is no reverse system. You have to do the task after six weeks.

To increase the life of the cartridge filter, maintain the water flow because if the water flow is excessive then it can damage the filter.

How to Backwash a Pool without a Multiport Valve?

In the previous sections, you have learned about backwashing a pool filter having multiple ports that represent “BACKWASH”, “RINSE”, and “FILTER”. But what if your pool filter does not have this multiport valve? How should you backwash your pool filter then?

Don’t worry because you can still do backwashing by following steps.

  1. Turn off-pump.
  2. Open the disconnecting valve from the filter’s bottom.
  3. Bump the handle of the filter many times so that all the debris can leave its place.
  4. Turn on the pump for 15 to 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat the above steps three times.
  6. Close the disconnecting valve.
  7. Leave the filter running until you get the clear water out of it.
  8. For proper cleaning, add three pounds D.E. in the skimmer that you are cleaning. It will make the skimmer basket clean from all the debris.


Swimming pools are considered to be a good source of recreation. However, due to excessive usage, the pools become dirty and need proper attention.

People try different methods for cleaning the pools. Looking for the answers to how to backwash a swimming pool is also one of them.   

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