Why and How To Acid Wash A Pool? [DIY Cleaning Procedure]


With time the swimming pool can collect a lot of debris and stains on its bottom and sides. It can be very distressing, and you might fail to enjoy playing with water in the summer because who the hell wants to swim in the dirty pool. Cleaned it as soon as possible as it can get a worse situation.

There are plenty of cleaning methods for collections available. You can contact an expert for pool service or can do the hacks by yourself.

In this article, you will particularly read about Acid washing a pool to clean it from all the debris. If you have a dirty collection and want to get rid of it, keep reading this article. It will take you to the complete information. Let’s get started.

What is an Acid Wash Pool?

Acid washing a pool will remove a fine layer of the skin and give it a new and clear look.  It is the same as a treatment that dermatologists give to the skin of patients with Acid.

These stains made of minerals and fungus will remove with Acid washing. You might be thinking here that when the layer of pool plaster is release, it might create holes in the pool that can disturb the basis of your house. The good news is you do not need to worry as the collections contain a thick layer of plastic, so a thin layer removal will not cause any loss or threat for your house basis.

And this is not a regular cleaning hack, but it is very effective to get a new and fresh swimming pool. But one thing that you should not forget is that you cannot use acid washes every type of pool like you should not wash an above-ground pool and vinyl –Lined pool with Acid.

However, cleaning an in-ground pool is very much suitable.

Why Acid Wash Pool?

You must be trying to maintain your pool regularly, but it gets stains over the years. There might a layer of debris is collected over the plaster layer.

There are the following reasons that require Acid washing a pool.

  • Algae: it may grow on your pool, and you are cleaning it with regular cleaning hacks. But it leaves stains on the pool, or you might fail to remove the algae from the spores of the collection, and it gets worse over the years. Here, acid washing is strongly recommended to remove the pool’s defective layer, and then you can enjoy your summer in the pool with your family. And you will also need to remove the pool’s filter because it is possible that the collection is getting algae due to pools, or the algae have also grown up in the filter because of its presence in the pool.
  • Faded Plaster: with the regular use of pool and sun exposure, the pool’s Plaster can change its colour that will not look good. In this situation, you will need to Acid wash your pool to restore its original colour.
  • Repairing: if you need to improve a piece of the Plaster that has got stains and other issues, you should take the first Acid wash the spot. If you will not, clean the spores first and place the new plaster piece on the defective area. It will increase with time and can cost you more. Acid wash is strongly recommended here.
  • Stains: some stains might get tough with time, and the regular cleaning fails to remove all these stains. You should Acid wash a pool to keep it clean from stains.
  • Sluggishness: sometimes, the pool gets sluggish, and it allows the algae and debris to make a place on the Plaster of the collection. The only thing which can do something about this problem is an acid wash. It will easily get your pool back to its fresh look.

How To Acid Wash a Pool?

Acid washing a pool needs patience, and you have first to keep yourself and your kids safe. You should wear safety gadgets to keep your hands, eyes and skin safe from Acid.

Perform the following steps for Acid washing a pool.

  1. First of all, you should drain the pool and wash all the soft and easy to remove. An auto-fill collection requires to turn it off before draining.
  2. Take one gallon of water and one of Acid, start from one wall and then go to the next.
  3. Take a water sprinkle pot and fill it with Acid. Pour it on the wall by starting from top to bottom.
  4. Rinse the wall that has Acid washed by you with water. Be sure to clean the wall before moving to the next.
  5. Remove the foamy puddle from the pool bottom that has been left by Acid. If you do not remove it quickly, then it can cause damage to the Plaster of the pool. You can use soda to remove the puddle. You will end up with a clean and clear pool. 

Acid Wash Pool without Draining

In the above section, you read the acid washing technique for the pool, but the collection can be acid wash without draining it. It would help if you did the following.

  1. There should be no rain when doing no-drain acid wash. Check the weather forecast of your area to make sure. And you have to clean your pool for a regular clean before applying the procedure. Remove all the debris and accessories of the pool. Overfill the reservoir and turn the pump off and then continue the process.
  2. Pour Sodium Bisulphate in the pool in a capacity that can get the pH level down to 1 and alkalinity to 0.
  3. Scrub the pool to dissolve sodium Bisulphate and to get the pH down. Check the pH level and make sure it is 1. But if it does not, they add more sodium Bisulphate.
  4. Scrub pool surface for three days with one pH level. After scrubbing, you need to raise pH. You should add ppm in three doses to increase it.
  5. In the end, drain the pool water and then refill it to enjoy the swimming experience.

How Often to Acid Wash Pool?

As I told you, acid washing is not a regular cleaning procedure. If you use it regularly, then you will end up with pool damage. It will be enough to acid wash your pool after 5 or 6 years. It is only for the case if the stains are tough.

If you are looking for how to acid wash a pool, this article will surely help you.

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