Best Way to Hang Pictures without Nails (Damage-Free Tips)

Hang Pictures Without Nails

Everyone has a desire to decorate the house in such a way that it will not damage the finish of the house, especially when it comes to hanging pictures on the walls. The nails and hammers can spoil the beauty of the house if you are trying to hang pictures with them.

This article will tell you about how can you hang pictures without nails or hammers. It will also guide you that how you can do it without damaging anything like walls or pictures.

Keep reading this article as it will tell you everything related to the topic.

Best Way to Hang Pictures without Nails:

You can hang the pictures with command strips as this can be very easy and you can also do it by yourself.

I recommend you this method as I considered it the best way to hang the pictures without damaging the walls. You should follow the below steps for this purpose:

1. At first, you need to cleanse the wall. You can make use of a cleanser for this purpose.

2. Now separate the strips and press them together. Make sure you are placing the strips on the frames, not on the paper.

3. Now remove the liner from one side of the strip and attach it to the frame. Use 4 strips for a frame.

4. Now remove the liner from the other side and press the frame on the wall. In this way, one strip will remain on the frame and one will stick on the wall.

5. Take the frame off to the wall and wait until the strips dry. Afterwards, hang the frame onto the wall again.

6. Now you are ready to go.

How to Hang Picture Frames Those Have No Hooks?

A house may not be completely decorated if the walls are bared. A picture can make your walls look attractive. But if you have a picture that has no hooks, you can also attach it to the walls. You can hang it in the following ways.

  • If your picture has no hook and you are worried about how to hang it, then you can use strips on the frame and attach the frame to the wall.
  • Adhesive hooks or nails can be used to hang the frames on the wall.
  • Press-in hooks can also be made and used to hang the pictures.
  • Tape is applied to the frame and then the frame is pressed against the wall so that it can stick onto the wall.
  • Hanging strings is also a good alternative to hooks. You can use two adhesive hooks and then bind one string on both the hooks and use a hanger to hang the pictures on the strings.

Hanging Pictures Without Nails On Textured walls

The nails can cause damage to the texture walls because they do have a smooth surface. That is why the idea of command hooks will not be useful here.

You can use adhesive hooks, nails, and adhesive tape for hanging the pictures on the walls. Apply the following guidelines to hang the pictures on textured walls without using nails.

  1. First of all, clean the wall to remove the dust or any element that will act as a hindrance to fixing the adhesive on the wall. Use alcohol or a cleanser to make the surface clean.
  2. Make sure the surface is completely dried after cleansing.
  3. Prepare the adhesive and fix the tape or adhesive on the wall. Let the adhesive or tape dry completely so that it becomes strong and will not lose its strength later.
  4. Now test the strength of the adhesive hooks or nails by hanging pictures on them. If there is any issue you can repeat the steps.

How to Hang Pictures on Concrete Walls without Nails?

It is a fact that now you can hang the pictures on concrete walls without using nails. It sounds amazing but it is the truth. You can do it with the following guidelines:

  1. Gather all needed material like pencil, command hook, paper towel, adhesive, and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Now clean the walls using rubbing alcohol or some kind of cleanser. Apply the cleanser to the wall and then clean it using a paper towel. All this cleansing is done for removing unwanted elements on the wall.
  3. Use a light pencil and make visible marks on the area of the wall where you want to fix a hook. Don’t use a dark marker as it will leave stains on the wall.
  4. Now stick the tape or gum or adhesive on the wall. Use some best quality adhesive because the strength of the adhesive will make the pictures able to hang. After that leave it to become dry.
  5. When you know that the adhesive has dried out completely, then test it by hanging your picture on it. If it does not maintain its strength then you have to repeat all the processes.

Hanging Large Pictures without Nails:

There are many impressive ways through which you can hang large pictures on the walls without damaging its smooth finish. They will provide you with a nail-free and hammer-free solution to hang the massive pictures on walls.

You can do it in the following manners:

  1.  You can use command strips on the frames and the walls, and can easily hang the pictures on them. This is considered a reliable and effective way to hang large pictures and is recommended strongly.
  2.  You can use a hook and loops to hang the large pictures on textured walls. In this way, you will get a complete damage-free decoration.
  3.  Command hooks and frames are also used in hanging large pictures. Make sure the weight of the frames is less than 80 pounds.

How to Hangs Prints without Damaging Them?

Sometimes people want to decorate their houses with some kind of art and prints but they do not want to make holes in their walls.

In this way, they need a method that can solve this issue as well as can decorate the house. You can do it by attempting the methods given below because it will not hurt the walls or the place where you are trying to mount the prints.

So let us continue!

  1. Firstly, you have to collect all the material that you need to hang the prints like prints, ruler, masking tape, cutting board, box cutter, pencil, and eraser.
  2. When you have collected all the material, it is now time to measure the back and corners, and then cut the material accordingly.
  3. After cutting the corners fold the corners to create a packet. And then attach them with the backing, which you have measured and cut in step 2.
  4. Now stick some tape on the place on which you want to hang your prints. The corners should be at a distance that matches the distance of the print from one corner to the other.
  5. Make sure the paper or card which you have used for the prints should be thick.


By the end of the article, it can be said that it is time to throw away the nails and hammers, which the people are using for hanging cards, art, prints, posters or pictures on the walls or anything else.

Now you can hang pictures without nails easily. This article has revealed the numerous methods to hang them without damaging your walls.

You can choose the one that suits your area like a smooth or a textured one and then work accordingly. So, forget old methods, try the suggested ones to decorate your house. Good Luck!

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