How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Holes?

hang curtains without drilling

It is a mixed feeling of fun and tiredness when shifting to a new place. You must be looking for the best ways to decorate your house. The same is the case when thinking of hanging curtains.

Especially if you are living on rent, you have to look for methods that do not damage the house’s finish. However, hanging curtains without drilling any holes into the walls will give a unique look to your house, even if it is on rent.

If you are looking for the best ways to hang curtains without drilling holes into the walls, then you have come to the right place as you will read all the relevant information in this article. So let’s start this exciting experience.

How to Hang Curtains without Drilling Holes?

It is very easy to dig a hole in the wall, but it can damage the walls. So you have to pick an alternative curtain hanging method that does not involve any drilling. 

You can hang curtains without drilling in the following manner.

  1. If you do not want to damage your walls, then you can hang curtains with adhesive hooks. Make sure you are buying the hooks that can carry the weight of the curtain. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing in your hand. You need to take two adhesive hooks for each curtain.
  2. Take a cardboard and cut it into a square to identify where you want to hang curtains. It is needed to mark where the curtains will be in balance. Do it on both corners of your window.
  3. When you have marked on the wall at both corners of the window, you should place the adhesive hooks on the identified places and press them for 30 seconds. And then wait for 30 minutes to let it dry completely.
  4. Now test the adhesive hooks by inserting curtain rods into them to know how well hooks work in holding weight.
  5. When you get success in it, then you can hang the curtains on it. If the curtains fall, then your adhesive hooks are not able to bear the weight of curtains. It is suggested to buy appropriate adhesive hooks.

There are many other methods to hang curtains without inserting a nail into the wall, like tension rods, magnetic curtain rods, stick-on, and many others. Still, the discussed one is the easiest and recommended way to hang curtains without drilling holes.

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains without Drilling Holes?

If you want to hang your outdoor curtains without using nails or drilling holes and want to increase the beauty of your house, then you will need to hand them as follows.

  1. You can use tension rods to hang your outdoor curtains. It is a simple way to hang curtains as you will only need to buy tension rods, hang the curtains on the rod, and then insert the rod between the frames of the window where you want to hang your curtains.
  2. You can also use magnetic curtain rods to hang your indoor and outdoor curtains.
  3. Command hooks are also an alternative way to hang outdoor curtains where you will need to stick the hooks at the appropriate place and then insert a rod into the hooks to test. And at the end, take one edge of the curtain out of the hook and then insert the curtain in them. Enjoy the beauty of your house!

How to Hang Curtains on Concrete Wall without Drilling?

Here are multiple options to hang curtains on your concrete wall without drilling any holes in it.

You can choose one of the suitable options from the following.

  1. The best method to attach curtains rods on concrete walls is by using command hooks. You need to choose the hooks of appropriate load capacity and then stick them on the window frames. Here you can use the method discussed in the section after the introduction.
  2. Tension rods are also used to hang curtains on concrete walls. It will prevent your wall from accidents and damages. You will need a tension rod to insert curtains into it, and then you can easily hang it between window frames by creating some pressure.
  3. Ceiling suspension has also proved a great alternative to hanging curtains without drilling holes. It will be only useful if you want to hand in large curtains to give a flowy look to your room. In this method, you will hang a curtain rod from ceiling slides. Inserts holes into the ceiling and then can set curtains into it. By the end, you have to repair the ceiling slide to give i9t a finishing look.

How to Hang Curtains on a Brick Wall Without Drilling?

If your walls are made up of bricks and do not paint, then you cannot apply the command hooks method to hang curtains, but if these are smooth and painted, then these hooks are easily stuck onto the wall, and you are good to hang curtains without drilling any holes.

But if you want to attach curtains on a rough brick wall, you can apply hot glue on the hooks to give them a strong fix.

How to Put Up a Shower Curtain Without Holes?

You can use multiple ways to hang your shower curtain but if you want to know the best method to hang it, then read the following tips.

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure the place where you want to hang the shower curtain. Take measurements of liner that can be equal to the shower curtain. Then measure space between walls, around the tub, height.
  2. After taking measurements, you need to install a tension rod. Extend it until it can properly fit into space. You can use any tension rod. You can also use mounted rods or clotheslines instead of tension rods.
  3. It’s time to hang the curtains in the rod; you can use either a hooked or hook-free curtain.
  4. Be sure to hang curtains approximately 6 inches above the floor and make sure that the curtain is 70 inches long.

Hanging Curtains Without Damaging Walls

In this article, different methods to hang curtains without drilling holes are discussed. You can use one of the said methods if you are curious about your house walls or don’t want to damage the finish of your house walls as well as it will give an attractive look to your room.

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