Garage Door Side Seal Types and Installation

Garage Door Side Seal

Large size doors that are used for car parking are said to be garage doors. Due to their large size, garage doors are opened with the help of electric motors.

Garage door seals are used for the sake of prevention or protection. The seals are made up of rubber and the rubber is used to cover the breach between the bottom and the door edge.

Similarly, some seals are used to cover the breach between the door side edge and the wall. The basic purpose of affixing these garage door side seals is to make automobiles safe from weather effects.

Keep reading this article to get acknowledged about the garage door seals and their types.  

Garage Door Seal Types

Garage door seal types are briefly discussed below.

Vinyl Door Stop

Vinyl doorstop is also known as side garage door seals. The objective of using Vinyl door seals is to save the garage doors from being wrecked due to the attack of termite, humidity, and fungus.

The use of a Vinyl doorstop is much better than wood. Moreover, it does not disturb the switching of garage doors when installation is done.

Bottom Seal

If you intend to keep your garage clean, then Bottom seals are best to use. Garage door bottom seals are further divided into four subcategories.

  • J – Type: This seal is used for the garage doors which have a single channel. They are called J – Type seals because of forming the letter J and S when you close your garage door.
  • T – Type: They are called T – Type because of forming the letter T when the door is closed and are used with the doors which have a single channel.
  • Bulb Seals: Long, round, and thin from top. These are used for single-channel retainers.
  • Beaded: want to save the doors from water then fix bearded seals. These are used for double channel retainer. 

Threshold Seals

These seals keep your doors safe from water and are attached to the floor instead of a door. They uplift the entry side of the garage to rescue it from water.

Brush Seals

When you consider that there is more bend needed then fix the brush seal at the bottom of the door. It is highly recommended for commercial properties and frequently applied at the sides of doors.

Reverse Angle Mount Seal

It is also fixed to the sides of the garage doors and can be used as a substitute for brush seal and vinyl doorstop. It is highly recommended for steel doors.    

Garage Door Side Seal Installation

Applying the seal to the sides of the door for the prevention of garage doors from being wrecked due to the attack of termite, humidity, and fungus is known as garage door side seal installation.

Installing a sliding seal is much easier and less complicated than garage door top seal installation. Make sure that all the tools required for installation are available.

Meet an expert and ask for guidance that which type of seal you should use for your garage door side seal. The experts can also guide you that how long your seal can guard your garage door. Applying appropriate garage door seals with appropriate guidelines can extend the lifetime of your garage door and can save the vehicles inside. Therefore, garage door side installation is as much important as the top, bottom and inside seals are.

How to Seal Garage Door Sides and Top?

Garage Door Side Seals

  1. If you have installed any seal before then make sure it is uninstalled.
  2. Take proper measurements of the door.
  3. Make sure you have all necessary supplies (hammers, nails, drills, pencil).
  4. Place the seal properly at the doorjamb and force the nails.
  5. There should be no gaps because these gaps may cause your garage to be a severely cold place.
  6. Keep checking by moving the door and force the nails if you find any gaps.
  7. Force the nails on each side to make the seal tighter and more reliable or use any kind of silicon to fill the gaps.

Garage Door Top Seals

  1. If you have installed any seal before then make sure it is uninstalled.
  2. Take proper measurements.
  3. Make sure you have all necessary supplies (hawk saw, hammer, nails, pencil, caulk, a sharp knife).
  4. According to the measurement cut the seal for the top part of the door.
  5. Force the nails to the seal to attach with jamb.
  6. The inside corner of the PVC part should be attached with the inside corner of the doorjamb.
  7. Force more nails to ensure the fixation.

How to Seal Garage Door from the Inside

The methods to seal the garage door from inside are mentioned below. It is suggested to utilize a combination of more than one method for the sake of better results.

Garage Floor Seals

  1. Clean the bottom part of the door and the floor, perform the measurement, place the covered seal under the door
  2. Uncover only that part of the seal which was measured
  3. Fix it completely

Bottom Seal

  1. Measure the intended part
  2. Cut the seal according to the measurement
  3. Use clips to fix the seal at the bottom

Weather-stripping to Seal the Sides

  1. Measure the edges of the door
  2. Cut the weather – stripping tape accordingly
  3. Apply glue to fix it properly
  4. Close the door tightly

Seal the Top

  1. Perform measurement
  2. Buy garage top seals specifically made of rubber
  3. Fix at the top of the door

Threshold Seal

  1. Perform measurement
  2. Cut the threshold seal
  3. Fix it using a screw

Insulate the Garage Door

  1. Perform measurement
  2. Cut the aluminum foil 1 or 2 inches more than the measurement
  3. Fix it to the top edge and bottom edge nicely

How to Install Door Corner Seals 

Door corner seals are used to restrain conditioned air to go outside and also secure the doors from water leakage. Steps are mentioned below.

  1. If you are installing the corner seals for the first time, then use a bulb trim seal.
  2. Select bulb trim seals based on your door requirement.
  3. Appropriate bulb size will help to save from heavy pressure. Selecting appropriate radius and density help to save from any kind of leakage.
  4. To attach the corner seal, uncover the seal so that its sticky part can be attached easily
  5. Fix it properly so that each gap is filled or otherwise apply caulk carefully.

Altogether the garage door side seal and top seal prove to be an efficient and superb barrier against dust and insects. This way dirt does not enter your garage door.

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