How to Repair Garage Door Rust? [Quickest Way]

Garage Door Rust

Rust can destroy everything when it gets old, and no one tries to remove it. A garage door can also be a prey of rust, and it can lead to repairs, but if it is not repaired on time, you might need to change the entire door.

Rust can gather on all the parts of the garage door, but the bottom line of the door gathers more dust because at this part, moisture accrues. If you notice garage door rust, you should fix it quickly because it can be tough to remove it with time.

Most homeowners prefer to replace the garage door, but this is unnecessary because it can be fixed using various methods and tools. This article will know how you can repair garage door rust and various causes of a rusty garage door.

So let’s get started.

Why is My Garage Door Rusting?

Your garage door can be rusty for the following things.

  • If the painted material is not accurately layered, then the garage door can get rust on it. There should be a zinc layer in the middle of the paint; it will keep your garage door protected. Check the layers of your garage door paint, if there is a steel layer, then this is not the reason for your rusty garage door, but if zinc is not used in the middle layer, this will be the reason for rust collection on your garage door.
  • You should also check when you have last washed your garage door. If the garage door is used regularly but not washed and cleaned for dust, it can accumulate in a heavy amount that will be difficult to remove.
  • If you have used to clean your garage door with a pressure washer, the rust can be clean this time, but you are damaging the paint in this way. After some time, your door will get rough and gather dust that will be impossible to wash.

What Causes Garage Door Rust?

Garage door rust can be of various reasons as follows.

  1. First of all, you have to look around and see where you live. Environment plays an important role in affecting the doors and even things inside your home.
  2. If you are living in industrial areas, then it is the cause of your rusty garage door. Because the raw materials are stored outside the industry that can come to your home with wind or your car take it with the tires to your garage.
  3. Moisture also causes rust to gather on the door; if you are living near water like on the bank of the canal or river or anything that deals with water can be the reason that your garage door is rusting.
  4. Pollen also leads to garage door rust. 
  5. Your car gets road salt with its tires that can be a cause of rusty gage door.

Whatever the cause, you have to get rid of this rust as soon as possible because if you fail to fix it quickly, it can cause a huge loss. 

How to Repair Garage Door Rust?

As told you, whenever you notice dust on your garage door, then you should quickly start repairing it. It would help if you did the following for repairing garage door rust.

  1. First of all, you should close your garage door.
  2. Take a dish-washing detergent and mix it in warm water. Apply it on the door to remove oil and debris. Then rinse the door with clean water.
  3. Take a clean piece of cloth and dip it into the vinegar. Wipe the garage door area where you can see rust. Do this until all the debris and dust are removed, and you can see a clean panel of the door.
  4. Take a palm sander and sand the affected area of your garage door.
  5. Coat the affected area with a zinc primer layer and let it sit to dry. And then paint the area to make it a brand new door.

How to Remove Wood Door Rust?

If your garage door is not of metal but is made up of wood, then you need to remove the rust from the wood door in the following manner.

  1. Take a spray bottle and add white vinegar and water in equal quantities. Spray it on the rusty area of your door to remove light rust stains. Let the liquid sit on the surface of the wood door for 10 minutes.
  2. Now take a toothbrush and use it on the solution to scrub the affected area. And then clean the solution with a piece of cloth. In this way, you will successfully remove the light rust stains.
  3. If there are only light rust stains, you have all done, but if the stains are dark and this does not remove with the above method, you should bleach on the affected area.
  4. Be sure to wear all the protective gear before starting the procedure.
  5. Apply the oxalic acid with a brush to test it on the hidden area. And if it did not damage the wood, then sprinkle the powder in the affected area. Scrub it with a brush until it the rust stains leave their place.

In this way, your wood door will be neat and clean.

How to Remove Rust from Aluminum Garage Door?

An aluminium garage door can get rust on it due to moisture. So one should keep in mind is that you should not do any repairs at low temperatures. If you notice rust on your aluminium garage door, then do the following steps to remove rust.

  1. Take soap and water in the same quantity and spray it on the door.
  2. Scrub it with the brush and rinse it with clean water.
  3. When the door is completely dry, take a cloth and dip it with white vinegar.
  4. Wipe the rusty area with the cloth and use the brush to scrub the tough rust stains. Clean it thoroughly.
  5. Apply a primer layer on the door surface to give it a new look. You have all done.

How to Prevent Rust on Garage Door?

Repairing is necessary when the door gets rust, but you have to take some actions to prevent rust on your garage door in the future. It would help if you did the following to prevent rust on the garage door.

  1. Lubricate your garage door regularly.
  2. Keep checking the weather strip of the door.
  3. Be sure to inspect all parts of the door regularly and take quick action if there is any problem with the door.
  4. Check the paint on your door. If it is damaged, then change the paint.
  5. Be sure your garage door has a zinc coat on it.

If you found garage door rust, you are advised to adopt one of the above-mentioned methods to get rid of it.

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