How to Clean Tinted Windows of House and Car? [Best Tips]


Tinted windows of homes and cars are the best options for privacy. It looks fantastic and gives a relaxing effect even when there is a rush outside.

But cleaning tinted windows can be a significant challenge as they require a lot of effort; you might not know about the suitable products that can save your car, home, and the tints of the windows. Using ammonia-free products will give you a quick and safe way to clean the tinted windows of your home and car.

In this article, you will read all the hacks and the details to clean the tinted windows of homes and cars. If you are looking for ways to clean the tinted windows, then keep reading this blog. It will be instrumental for you. Let’s get started.

How to Clean Tinted House Windows?        

To clean the tinted window at the house, you must first gather all the required material like cotton fabric, spray bottle, ladder, dishwashing soap, purified water, white vinegar. After this, you can do the cleaning process as follows.  

  1. You will need to mix the ingredients to make the solution. Add dishwashing soap, vinegar, and distilled water in a spray bottle and mix it well. You should take one spoon of dishwashing soap and two spoons of vinegar in the 2 cups of clean water.
  2. To loosen the debris from the tinted windows, spray the solution and clean it with cotton fiber.
  3. Now clean the window from the soapy solution with a sponge or wiper. Also, take a dry cloth to clean the frames of the window.
  4. At last, wash the window with clean water to remove all the solution from it altogether. And then again, dry the surface with a cotton cloth. If the windows are on a high, then you can use a ladder to reach them easily.

Cleaning Tinted Car Windows Inside        

When it comes to cleaning the tinted car windows from inside, you have to be more careful when doing this process. However, you can do it in the following manner.

  1. Take a cotton cloth and apply the ammonia-free soap on the inside windows.
  2. When you have applied on all the parts, wipe it out as the debris needs only a few seconds to leave its place.
  3. Make sure you are not applying the soap on the tint edges and the bottom, where it can cause bubbles. If this happens, then it means that some of the patches are damaged. So you have to repair it. A small can help you to get the air out of the tint.
  4. Now dry the windows with a cloth and ensure that all the cleaning products have been obliterated.  

Cleaning Tinted Windows With Vinegar       

Vinegar is almost used in cleaning products and home remedies to clean anything like a sink, windows, or any debris. This is a cleaning agent for decades and is a readily available product.

It is found in our homes quickly. You can use it to clean the tinted windows by adding it with other products. Like you have read the very first cleaning method in which you have seen that vinegar is used.

Cleaning Tinted Windows With Alcohol

It can be a safe method to use alcohol for cleaning tinted windows because, with ammonia-based products, you might damage or fade your tinted windows.

You can lead to many issues by using these products, but if you use alcohol, then you can save your tinted cars from leakage or any mold growth.

You need to use alcohol with other products to clean the tinted windows thoroughly. Alcohol has the power to remove the dirt and grimes quickly and will not show any side effects in this case.

Can You Use Methylated Spirits to Clean Tinted Windows? 

Yes! You can clean the tinted windows with methylated spirits. And it is preferred to use this because the ammonia products can lead to issues that cause a headache.

You need to take water quantity 80 percent and methylated spirits only 20 percent, and then you can get your dirty tinted windows to clean one.

Make sure you are using a cloth for applying the solution and cleaning the glass rather than a brush.

Speed Up Windows Tint Drying        

The tint on the windows can be dried out quickly in the summers as things take less time to dry in this season. But in the winter, it requires more time to dry.

You can speed up the windows tint drying process by placing it in the direct sunlight, using a hairdryer, and parking your car inside.

It needs approximately five days to dry at regular times completely, but if you want it earlier, you can apply these speed-up methods.

How to Remove Sticky Residue From Tinted Windows?        

To clean the tinted windows from the sticky residue, you need to do the following.

  1. Take ammonia-free ammonia-free soap and make its solution with water or add both in the spray bottle and mix it well.
  2. Now to soak the adhesive glass, spray the solution on the glass.
  3. After some time, check by scrapping from one side that the sticky residue is loosened or not. If it is, then use a knife and scrape it off the tinted windows.
  4. Ensure you are spraying while all the process continues, as the sticky residue can only be removed with the moisture every time.
  5. In the end, clean it with a cloth or paper to remove the entire residue altogether.

How to Fix the Window Tint that is Peeling?

Excessive moisture can cause window tint peeling. It should be fixed quickly as it can lead to many issues that can cause a severe threat to the entire tint, or sometimes you will need to replace the whole installation. You can fix it as follows.

  1. To check where the window tint is peeling, you will need water and soap solution. By applying it to paint, you will see where it is causing bubbles. The place where you can see bubbles is the peeling position.
  2. Take a wiper to place the tint back to the position it is installed.
  3. Release the air using a pin.
  4. You can also replace only the damaged area.

The tinted windows are found almost everywhere, especially in houses and cars. They are used to increase privacy. Over time, these windows get dirty, like other ordinary windows. Therefore, the requirement of cleaning tinted windows becomes a necessity.  

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