How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter? [Central & Window AC]

Clean Air Conditioner Filter

Air conditioner filters are essential for a household as they keep the debris away from the air you are breathing in. They also improve the quality of air. Therefore, you must keep them clean if you do not want any dust indoors.

You will also avoid the heavy utility bills by cleaning the filter of your AC because when it is not cleaned, it works hard and even gets debris in your room. Cleaning or replacing a filter will save you from several problems.

In this article, you will read that how to clean air conditioner filter. So let’s get started.

How to Clean Window Air Conditioner Filter?

It can be challenging to clean the window air conditioner filter if you have never done it before.  Follow the below guidelines and you will surely get good results.

  1. Make sure that the air conditioner is not plugged.
  2. Remove the filter by first removing the front panel.
  3. If the filter is filled with dust or any kind of particles then you can use a vacuum to clean it.
  4. Now wash the filter with detergent and leave it to dry. Put it back in your AC when it is completely dry.
  5. You can clean the other parts of the AC while the filter is getting dry. Replacing a window AC filter once or twice in a season will also be very beneficial for you.

How to Clean Central Air Conditioner Filter?

AC filter needs cleaning regularly to keep yourself and your family away from the dust and heavy bills. You can do this cleaning by yourself or can also hire some experts for this purpose.  The central AC cleaning will be done in the following manner.

  1. First of all, you have to know that where the filter of the central AC located is. Like in some AC’s it is found near the air cold returns, basements, in the garages, or behind the returns of vents.
  2. It is necessary to unplug your AC before any service.
  3. Now take the filter out of your AC and vacuum it thoroughly to remove debris.
  4. Apply the vinegar mixed with water on the filter and then wash it with warm water.
  5. Let the filter dry and install it again by making sure it is cleaned properly.

How to Clean Split AC Filter?

Split ACs are very common and popular due to their high level of cooling and compactness. For always maintaining this state, make sure to keep your split AC clean. You can do it as follows.

  1. Take a cleaning bag and put it on the entire split AC.
  2. Turn off the AC and remove the filter.
  3. Wash the air filters that you have removed under the running water to remove the dust particles.
  4. Use an air blower to blow the dust from the cooling fins.
  5. Clean the coils with evaporator spray without rinsing them. For preventing mold you can apply antifungal spray on them. Install the filters again.

How to Clean AC Filter in Apartment?

It is essential to keep your AC filter clean while living in an apartment because the dirty AC filter can cause a mysterious and bad smell in your apartment. You might feel difficulty living in.

It is good to replace the filter within 3 months as the apartment AC filter gets debris more than others. However, the cleaning process of apartment AC is the same as mentioned in the above sections.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning will help you escape from multiple problems. But if the air conditioner filter is heavily soiled then cleaning will might not go right. So it is advised to replace the filter of your AC.

However, if you think that it can be cleaned then repeat the steps mentioned in the second section of the current article.

How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filter?

 As you have the idea of cleaning the central AC filter, it is time to clean the ducted AC filter. You can do it as follows.

  1. First, you need to find out the filter in the ducted unit that is usually behind the main air return.
  2. To avoid any kind of damage to your AC, turn it off.
  3. Remove the filter carefully. If the debris is in heavy amount then cleaning might be not productive as it will get dirty soon. So need to replace the filter.
  4. Use detergent or mild soap on the filter and wash it with the water if it is waterproof. Otherwise, clean it with a used cloth.
  5. Now the cleaning has been done. Reinstall the filter and turn on your AC to feel the difference in your air.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter Outside?

Cleaning an air conditioner filter outside will be done almost in the same manner as you have done in the above sections. Anyhow, you can do it as follows.

  1. Switch off your AC.
  2. Remove large pieces of debris with gloved hands.
  3. Use a soft brush to vacuum the condenser fins. Be sure that you are not damaging them.
  4. Clean the loose debris with a water hose spray on the outside unit.
  5. Use coil cleaner spray on the outside unit and wait for 15 minutes to see magic.
  6. Rinse the coil cleaner and you will get a clean AC filter outside. Repeat it once or twice a season. 

Air Conditioner Dust Remover

It is good to remove the dust from your air conditioner on regular basis. It will keep you away from any kind of dust allergies and your air will be pure and clean.

You can breathe easily and without any hindrance. The dust from your AC can be removed with the help of an air blower. You can apply the cleaning process mentioned in the article to have a clean AC.

How Long to Let Air Conditioner Dry After Cleaning?

 Every AC has different capabilities. In most cases, it will take 24 hours for drying completely. It is advised that you wait for one day after cleaning the AC filter to start using it. It will increase the lifetime of your appliances and there will be fewer complexities next time. So be patient.

After going through the article, you are well aware of how to clean air conditioner filter at your disposal. Follow the steps discussed above and breathe freely.

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