How to Clean a Chimney From Inside & Bottom? DIY Inspection

Chimney cleaning is mostly taken for granted by homeowners. But to ensure the safety of your life you must keep your chimney clean as you can fall ill if it is not maintained regularly.

Chimneys are very common for fire, which can be very dangerous for people. But if you want to prevent all the dangers then you have to put great attention to cleaning the chimney. If you ensure proper cleaning, then you are surely safe from the threats of fire, etc. You can do this cleaning by yourself or can hire a professional for this purpose.

In this article, you will read about the process of chimney cleaning from inside and outside. If you are searching for it then keep reading this blog. 

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

As told earlier, it is very necessary to clean the chimney to save your lives. In the inspection process of a chimney, a visual check without the usage of any tools is conducted on the fireplace. You do not need to go on the roof of the chimney to conduct this inspection.

You can call a chimney sweep that will check all the sides of the chimney using a flashlight and make sure there are no cracks and damage on your chimney. They will also tell you that your chimney needs cleaning. Then you can clean it by using equipment or home remedies. 

How Can I tell My Chimney Needs Cleaning?

This is now a very hot question by the homeowners who have made a chimney at their place. They are very curious about knowing the answer. If you are one of them then you must be searching for the answers.

So, you do not need to worry as this section will take you to the answer. If your chimney is showing one of the following signs, then it surely needs cleaning. 

  1. If your fireplace has a smell similar to the campfire then it is a sign that it needs cleaning. If you can smell burning wood even if it is not ignited, then it should be cleaned. 
  2. If the smoke is not evacuating quickly as in previous days, then the chimney needs cleaning. 
  3. The fire not starting smoothly is also a sign that the chimney needs cleaning. The fire also does not go on burning gradually. It means that the fire stops burning after some time or it does not start at all. 
  4. If your room is filled with smoke, then it is dangerous for your health and you should clean the chimney. 
  5. If the fireplace has oily marks or the damper gets black, then you should surely clean the chimney. 
  6. Lastly, if you are hearing the voice of birds from your chimney then the birds may have made their homes in it. The fire does not start, or the birds can be burnt in this condition. You should take these birds off from the chimney and clean them properly to stay healthy.

What to Burn to Clean the Chimney?

Yes, you have read it right that there is a chimney cleaning solution in which you need to burn something in your fireplace to clean it. These are the chimney cleaning logs that help you to remove all the obstacles and clear your chimney.

Creosote is also built up in the chimney when you burn the wet or green woods in it. These chimney cleaning logs can help you to get rid of this. These logs have chemicals on them, and you can burn them with your firewood. It will loosen the creosote and will increase the efficiency of your wood. 

How to Clean a Chimney From Inside?

Chimney cleaning from inside includes some steps that need to be fulfilled to clean your chimney. The regular cleanup will keep you away from the creosote fires and save you from any dangers. You need the following tools to clean a chimney.

  • Safety glasses and harness
  • Mask for preventing dust
  • Noodle brush, flue-liner brush, and a long-handled brush
  • Drop cloth
  • Shop vacuum
  • Flashlight
  • Poly sheet and duct tape

The following steps will help you to know how to clean the chimney from inside. 

  1. First of all, you need to get all the related tools so that you can ensure proper cleaning. 
  2. Drop a cloth in the room so that your room cannot get damaged with any of the remedies. Cover the chimney hose completely when you are cleaning from inside with the poly sheet. 
  3. For removing chimney soot use the long length brush to rub it up and down to remove the dust and the creosote.  
  4. The flashlight will help you to see your process. You should check it before moving to the next step.
  5. Now start the vacuum and add rods until you feel that the brush is not facing any creosote. And with the noodle brush remove all the soot. 
  6. Fold the poly sheet and clean it from the outside. You can use it for cleaning the chimney next time. 

How to Clean a Chimney From the Bottom?

You can clean a chimney from the bottom as you have done it from inside. For bottom cleaning, you can do it as follows. 

  1. Take the right chimney tools like a brush and rod to make a proper cleaning process. 
  2. Protect the place around the chimney so that the floor does not get affected. Use your safety tools like a mask and glasses to stay safe. 
  3. Insert the brush into the chimney with a long handle. 
  4. Add more pieces of chimney rods to ensure the entire cleaning process to be done with accurate results. 
  5. It is time to remove all the debris that has fallen in the fireplace after scrubbing. Use a broom and scraper to pick all the dust. Now your chimney is clean. 

Home Remedies For Chimney Cleaning

You can clean a chimney with home remedies like you can add potato peels and pine tree leaves in the chimney. If the creosote is gathered in it then sweep burning logs and lose it. Salt can also be thrown in the burning logs as a cleaning hack. 

How to Clean a Fireplace Chimney?

The fireplace chimney can be cleaned in the same way as it has done in the above sections. You need to do it as follows.

  1. Gather all the tools
  2. Protect the area around the fireplace
  3. Use the safety tools
  4. Inspect the chimney for discovering faults
  5. Clean the chimney using the tools as done above.

Burning Rock Salt to Clean Chimney

Burning rock salt can also be used to clean a chimney by just adding 2 spoons of salt in the water that will make a thick solution stuck on chimney walls. Apply it to chimney walls and wait for 15 minutes to become dry and then use a brush to remove it. It will clean the walls. 

How to Clean a Chimney with a Bend?

The chimneys can have a bend in them. But they also need to be cleaned. You must be thinking about how you can do it. You can do the process in the same manner, but the difference is that here you will need to have proflex or lock fast rods instead of normal rods to clean the chimney. The rest of the process is the same as the above section. 

What Do Chimney Sweeps Do?

The chimney sweeps are used to clean the chimneys from any kind of debris, dust, and creosote. These are used to prevent gas emissions and soot fire. 

How to Sweep a Chimney?

You need to follow the below steps to sweep a chimney. 

  1. Cover everything around the chimney
  2. Inspect the faults
  3. Use a poly sheet to cover the chimney hose
  4. Put the brush and rod into the chimney
  5. Brush the chimneys with additional rods and after that clear the poly sheets and enjoy a swept chimney.

How to Clean a Chimney With a Fireplace Insert?

Most of the professionals remove the fireplace insert before cleaning the chimney. But you can clean the chimney with it also.

Mix 2 spoons of dishwashing soap, half-cup baking soda, and a gallon of water in a bucket. Apply the solution in the fireplace insert and leave it for the time to keep it loose. And then clean the chimney with a brush from all the debris. 

How to Remove Glazed Creosote From the Chimney?

The glazed creosote is the most difficult type of creosote. And it is not removed with the home remedies as it is very hard to remove, and it requires chemicals and professional tools to remove it that costs a lot. You might need to reline your chimney to get rid of glazed creosote. 

Do Chimney Cleaning Rocks Work?

Yes! The chimney cleaning rocks work very efficiently. They include chemicals that help you to get rid of the creosote and debris. You can put them in your chimney when you are burning the other woods in it. The homeowner wonders after watching the results. 

How Often to Clean Chimney? 

It is a very essential part of the home cleaning to clean the chimney as well. You can clean the chimney every month, but it is necessary to clean it at least once a year.

If you will do it every month then you might not need the extra effort for the chimney cleaning.

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