Can You Mow Wet Grass? [Mowing Wet Lawn]

Can You Mow Wet Grass

At present, the people have the interest to make their lawn or garden at house more stylish and attractive. They mow the grass which means that they cut the grass and maintain a specific level with the help of a mower. This is just an effort to make the lawn more beautiful.

As you know that in the morning there is snow on the grass or after the rain it becomes wet. So, a question arises here that can you mow wet grass? The quite simple answer to this question is “No”. It is not a good idea to mow wet grass.

Can You Mow Wet Grass?

It can be difficult to mow the grass when it is wet, and it can be harmful to the grass mower. This does not mean that you cannot do it. You can, but if you have a low-quality mower then you can get lost in this case. So, it is advised to wait until the grass gets dry.

Why Should You Not Cut Grass When it is Wet?

After the above description, many homeowners have a question what is the reason behind not mowing wet grass?

You should not cut the wet grass for the following reasons:

  1. Dangerous for Lawn:

    this can be dangerous for the health of your lawn if you try to mow it when it is wet like if it has some disease it will work more quickly on your lawn grass when you try to cut it in wet condition.

  2. Improper Functionality:

    the mowers did not work properly on wet grass so you may maintain the level of grass you want.

  3. Slippery:

    Wet grass can also be risky as you can slip from it while you are trying to mow it.

  4. Get Stains on Clothes:

    You can get stains on your clothes.

  5. Leftover Parts:

    wheel grooves will also be found in your lawn that are not good for your lawn’s health.

Does Cutting Wet Grass Hurt it?

As told earlier that you can cut the wet grass, but it may create trouble for the health of your lawn. But this is not the same for all the cases. If you do it with precautions it will not hurt itself.

You need not make any tear marks when you are mowing wet grass. If you try to avoid clumping, then your lawn is in a safe state and it will not even be damaged. But if you try to do it speedily without any precautions it will surely hurt itself.

Mowing Wet Lawn:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to mow the lawn even if the grass is wet. This might be because you have some party or function on your lawn, so you want it neat, clean, and beautiful. You can mow your wet lawn by the following methods:

  • Soak the Wetness:

    Wipe out the rain or dewdrops from the grass to get dry grass.

  • Reduce the Load:

    now you should decrease the load from the grass mower by increasing the mowing height.

  • Unload the Box:

    keep the box empty as much as possible to put fewer loads on the mower.

  • Slow Mowing:

    Perform mowing slowly to save the blades of your lawnmower.

  • Place the Mower in a Dry Area:

    Do not think about mowing the long grass. Just do it on height and then keep your mower in a dry area so that the blades keep them not to get rust.

Best Way to Mow Wet Grass:

If you want to mow your wet lawn necessarily then you need to take this action in such a manner that it does not cause any loss.

So here your mind will blink with a question that what is the best way of mowing the wet lawn? Here is the answer to your curiosity. The best way to mow wet grass is as follows:

  1. First, you need to keep your lawnmower ready. It needs more attention when you have to mow wet grass than dry grass.
  2. Use silicone spray to protect your mower from a clipping of grass. Then sharpen the blades of the mower and add a fuel stabilizer to limit the fuel tank.
  3. Make sure that the air filter is dry and clean, and not wet. If it is not clean, then you may need to replace it with a newer one.
  4. The height of the mower grass should be increased to reduce the load on it.
  5. The speed should be slow as the grass is wet, so it needs more focus. Move the yard in half intervals and you should mow the perimeter of the lawn first.
  6. When you have completed mowing then you should clean the mower properly. You need to clean each part of the mower body. But if it is raining then try not to mow your lawn.

If you follow the above guidelines you can mow your wet lawn without damaging anything.

Mowing Wet Grass with Zero-Turn:

It can be difficult to mow the wet grass even if you have a zero-turn mower. No doubt it works on wet grass more positively than the other mowers, but it can also damage somewhere on your lawn or the mower itself.

You need to consider the above-mentioned guidelines to mow the wet grass with zero-turn successfully.

How Long Should I Wait to Mow the Grass After It Rains?

Nowadays people are so much concerned about their home lawns to make them attractive and beautiful. When it comes to the mowing of grass on your lawn then you should keep in mind that the grass and ground are not wet.

The same is the case after rain. The ground and grass become wet, so it is difficult to mow the grass immediately after the rain. You must wait unless the ground and grass are dry enough that the mowing process can work positively.

If you try to mow your lawn after the rain when the grass is wet, then it can harm the grass mowers and the ground. The time varies for different types of grass like Bermuda grass takes more time to become dry than zoysia. But if you have the best quality mowers then you can mow them when you want.

How to Cut Tall Grass with A Riding Mower?

This question is often asked by the homeowners. If you have tall grass on your lawn, then this section can prove very useful for you. To cut the tall grass you need to consider the following:

  • You need to make sure that the mower is working well, and it is recommended to mow mostly in the summer or spring seasons.
  • If it is raining or just had stopped raining, then you should wait until it becomes dry.
  • You need to have goggles, gloves, trimmer, riding mower, rake, and grass bag for mowing the tall grass.

Steps Involved

The following steps involve cutting the tall grass with a riding mower:

  1. You should check the lawn to make it ready for mowing. Keep it clean and make sure that there are no stones or any other obstacle because they can damage the blades of the mower. For this purpose, you should wear gloves to save yourself.
  2. Wear your goggles and use a trimmer to cut the top layers of the grass so that you can mow it easily. Keep in mind that do not cut the grass enough that it may damage your lawn.
  3. Now it is time to wait for some time to secure the grass from any damage. But it is not necessary, you can mow it immediately after trimming.
  4. Now it is time to prepare your mower, you can use the guidelines for preparing a mower that is mentioned in the article.
  5. Start mowing your lawn and empty the grass box after one or two intervals. This will prevent you from any loss.


Can you mow wet grass or not? Now you have known the right answer to this question.

At the end of the article, it can be said that the best idea to mow your lawn is to mow it when the grass is dry. You can wet grass also, but it can leave a bad impact on your lawn and mower. So, follow the guidelines mentioned in this article to mow the wet grass.

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