How to Fix Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly? [Solved]

Does your AC stop running correctly?

There can be numerous reasons for this. the problem could be due to some issue is the circuit board of the AC. the circuit breaker might have some disorders so check them to fix the issue.

This article will tell you all why AC is not cooling even if it is running.

This will be the ultimate guide for you to get out of the issue by addressing the various cooling issues with AC. So let’s dive into it.

AC Not Cooling Properly

The running AC but giving hot air can cause a severe headache for owners, especially in summer. There can be many reasons behind the AC that is not cooling correctly.

1) Clean Air Filters

One of the most common reasons is the dirty air filters of your split or window AC.

The dust and debris can gather in the air filters, leading to the inefficient running of AC. It blocks the way of cool and warm air ducts that can stop the cooling process, or it will take more time to cool the room.

2) Thermostat Settings

The incorrect thermostat setting can also cause the problem. Check the thermostat; if the setting is incorrect, it will be why not provide quick cooling. Set it to the auto setting if it is at the “on” setting.

3) Clean Condensor and Evaporator

When the outside unit of AC is dirty, it can cause inefficient cooling of AC. Check the condenser and evaporator of the AC and clean it to keep your AC cooling properly.

4) Out of Order Fan Motor

When the fan’s motors in AC are out of order or broken, it will not get the hot air out of the room. So the process of cooling will slow.

5) Damaged Air Compressor

If the air compressor is damaged, then it will not cool the air enough.

AC Running But Not Cooling House

There can be many reasons behind this issue, but the most common is the frozen evaporator coils that restrict the AC from cooling correctly.

These are in the indoor unit of AC. the warm air pass through evaporator coils, takes the heat and humidity from the air, and then provides cool air to your room.

But with time, debris and residue from the warm air collect at the coils, and the coils freeze. So it will not correctly blow cold air in your central AC.

How to Fix Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

As told earlier, there can be many reasons why the AC is not cooling, so every problem needs a different solution. Let’s get into them.

  1. If the problem is with the thermostat setting, change the setting to auto, and the problem is solved.
  2. The dirty and clogged air filter needs a detailed cleaning process. Get a cleaner or use a homemade cleaner like vinegar or soapy solution to spray on the dirty filter by opening the case.
  3. Frozen evaporator coils also need a complete cleaning procedure because these are responsible for taking hot air out and providing cool air to your room.
  4. Check the condenser and clean it if the issue is in. you can clean it with a vacuum attached with a brush.  A hose can also do the task.
  5. The refrigerant issues need to call the professionals for addressing the problem.

Split AC Not Cooling Enough

When there is dirt in the air filters of the split AC, then it can get clogged and interfere with the appropriate working of the regulator.

It blocks the way of cool and warm air in the ducts that lead to freezing evaporator coils. So it blocks the cool air in the unit and stops cooling the room enough.

Check the Ac filter and try to clean it, but replace it with a new filter if it is still dirty.

Central AC Not Cooling

A central AC has a condenser unit that contains coils wrapped on it. There are multiple fins on the coils located at a close distance.

If central AC is running but not cooling, the problem is with the clogged or blocked coils.

There might gather dust particle in the condenser that is causing the problem. It can also lead to blowing warm air rather than blowing cool air.

To eliminate the problem, you should check the condenser and clean it for all the debris and dust.

AC Not Cooling After Power Outage

The indoor and outdoor units of AC have circuit breakers, and when a power outage occurs due to a storm or heavy rain, the breakers trip. 

If only the outdoor circuit trips but the indoor is on, it will have no cooling effects. It is because the outdoor unit is the main component for cooling the room. To fix it, first to get cold air.

AC Not Cooling Upstairs

If there is a single AC or thermostat on both the house floor, it might not cool the area upstairs because the thermostat can sense the temperature of one area.

If the HVAC unit is on the first floor, it could be responsible for not cooling upstairs.

Air Conditioner Not Working After Winter

When the winter is over and the season of AC begins, homeowners come towards it but find that it is not working.

There can be many reasons behind it, like fan failure, condenser issues, clogged air filters, and evaporator coils.

Firstly, it needs some maintenance and then starts using it for cooling the room.

AC Not Cooling After Filter Change

If your Ac is not cooling after the filter change, it can be due to some frost on the suction line of the AC unit.

So at first, clean the AC from all the debris and residue, then start running it for excellent cooling.

Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

When an AC is not cooling the room, instead it is blowing hot air then it can be due to many reasons.

Some include low refrigerant level, faulty compressor, clogged filters, and expansion valves not working correctly.

Blown fuses, tripped breakers, wrong setting of the thermostat, and other wiring issues can be a cause too.

At first, the homeowner should examine the AC for the above reasons and then start fixing the problem to get cold air and live comfortably in summers.


ACs are the basic necessity of buildings located in hot and humid areas.

In the summer seasons, it gets tough to strive when AC not cooling.

So, people in these areas look for methods through which the issues faced during working of ACs are tackled.

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